‘Love Island USA’ Fans Say, ‘Free Jeff’ After Zeta’s Kissing Comment

Coupling up is a risk on Love Island USA. It’s possible that risk is hurting Jeff Christian Jr. because Zeta Morrison is making her feelings for Timmy Pandolfi very clear.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Episode 12.]

Zeta, Timmy, and Jeff are in a ‘Love Island USA’ love triangle

Jeff Christian Jr. sits on an orange couch and pillows outside on 'Love Island USA'
Jeff Christian Jr. on ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock TV

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Zeta and Timmy started the season coupled up and seemed happy together. But Timmy also made a connection with newcomer Bria Bryant. Bria got to couple up with any man and ended up with Timmy.

This upset Zeta because she felt like Timmy had to give Bria enough hope to make that decision. She was single until new men came to the villa. She instantly started flirting with Jeff.

Zeta and Jeff bonded over being celibate and more. But the July 31 episode showed them having breakfast together. Jeff could tell something was off and asked her if she was missing Timmy. “A little,” she answered. She then said she didn’t want to talk about anyone else.

The islanders were tested on how well they knew each other’s partners. They were asked, “If your boy had to couple up with a different girl, who would it be?” Bria and Timmy agreed on Zeta. “It’s up there,” Zeta told Jeff. “It’s up there whether you like it or not.” Jeff replied, “Might as well do it.”

Bria also revealed she “sneak attacks” Timmy in bed. That involves licking his ear and kissing his neck. “I’m not even kissing other people, and other people sneak attacking,” Zeta said in front of everyone. “It’s giving f*ck it back to doing some other sh*t tonight then,” Jeff asked if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

‘Love Island USA’ fans want to free Jeff from Zeta

Fans are feeling bad for Jeff after watching Zeta still focus on Timmy. They shared their reactions to the July 31 episode on Reddit.

A user started a thread and wrote, “I like Jeff. The way he’s standing up for himself and throwing comments right back at Zeta shows he’s not there to bs and be played with. He’s not feeling how he’s clearly being played, hes giving the energy that Bria should have been giving lol you don’t HAVE to be okay with being in a triangle or a 2nd option.”

“‘I’m not even kissing people’ how is Jeff supposed to feel about that? Like you’re not kissing him because of Timmy? Ok then? Free Jeff,” one person commented. “Free him!!” another one replied.

“Lmao Jeff is doing the best he can with an extremely awkward situation. Zeta should just be more honest with him instead of trying to feign interest. This whole cast is messy and I’m living for it,” someone wrote.

A fan added, “yeah, he needs to let her know that he is not here to be a placeholder until timmy wants her, so if/when he cracks on with another girl he could point back to how he felt.”

The episode ended teasing Bria with her head in her hands and being consoled by her brother, Chazz. Also, the hideaway will be in the next episode.

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