‘Love Island USA’ Fans Have a Strong Reaction to Phoebe Chasing Isaiah

It’s already time to shake things up on Love Island USA. Phoebe Siegel and more Casa Amor women are trying to turn Isaiah Campbell’s head. But fans aren’t happy with Phoebe’s approach.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 20.]

Phoebe is focused on Isaiah in Casa Amor

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Episode 19 split the boys and girls for Casa Amor. Isaiah was still very focused on Sydney Paight even though newcomers Kat Gibson and Nadjha Day also showed interest in him. Will Casa Amor change that?

Phoebe is a 21-year-old law student from New York. The new girls talked to each other after meeting the guys. “Isaiah is leaving here with someone,” Avery Grooms said. “Sydney, who?” Phoebe asked. “Sydney, who?!”

She later talked to Isaiah about their futures and red flags. Phoebe asked him if all he had with Sydney was safety and comfort. The waiter didn’t clearly answer if Sydney was everything he was looking for. He said Phoebe has an alpha female vibe.

‘Love Island USA’ fans don’t like Phoebe

Isaiah Campbel and Phoebe Siegel are kissing for a game on 'Love Island USA'.
Isaiah Campbel and Phoebe Siegel on ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock

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Reddit fans had the strongest reactions to Phoebe. “I actually find Phoebe really annoying and she makes herself unattractive. The two gems at Casa look like Chanse and Gabby to me,” one user’s thread reads.

“I agree I think she’s trying a little too hard to be the top girl and I think it’s really funny that she keeps saying she has brains,” another person commented. “Someone in her life probably once told her that she’s dumb and now she’s on a mission to make sure everyone she meets knows she has brains.”

“Yes! She was by far the smoke show of the group, and the moment she opened her mouth, she became so so unattractive,” another person added.

Will Isaiah bring Phoebe back to the villa?

Episode 20 showed the two villas competing in a game. In it, Phoebe got to kiss Isaiah. “She’s pretty good at making out, and then she came back for another one,” he said. “Yeah, I got a f*cking mouthful of her.”

They later had a chat. “I’m feeling good,” he told her. “I’m definitely getting a vibe from you, a little bit. For sure. I’m not gonna deny that.”

“Well, I 100 percent feel the vibe,” she told him. “Because I feel like it’s been steadily kinda just like growing a little bit.” Phoebe admitted Isaiah makes her nervous. He admitted he does look at her. 

“At the end of the day, not to toot my own horn,” she said. “But I kinda am the full package.” Isaiah later said this is the “ultimate test” for him. 

The teaser for the next episode showed the Hideaway in Casa Amor opening up. It also looks like Phoebe and Isaiah make out in bed. After that, there is a good chance he might take Phoebe back to the villa. Either way, he’ll have a lot of explaining to do, which could risk them making it to the finale.

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