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Love Island USA Season 4 is almost halfway done, with the apparent finale date of August 28 approaching. Which Islanders walked or quit before getting dumped or reaching the finish line?

Mady McLanahan quit ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

After the initial group entered the villa, Mady McLanahan and Val Bragg arrived. Mady quickly connected with Andy Voyen and coupled up.

But he found himself bored with their relationship, considering it surface level and began pursuing Sydney Paight. Although she was in a strong match with Isaiah Campbell, Andy picked her at the next recoupling ceremony. His choice resulted in Mady and Isaiah pairing up.

However, the new couples didn’t get to know each other well due to Sydney and Isaiah’s lingering feelings.

Even though Mady initially claimed she wouldn’t take Andy back, the two rekindled their romance. He was shortly dumped from the villa when the group chose to save Timmy Pandolfi. Mady attempted to move on with newcomer Jared Hassim before deciding to walk away on Day 15 as she didn’t think she would make another connection.

Kyle Fraser left for personal reasons

Buffalo native Kyle Fraser joined Love Island USA Season 4 on Day 16 when Casa Amor opened. Despite her solid coupling with Jesse Bray, he considered Deb Chubb his “type” and wasted no time pursuing her when he got into the villa.

The two quickly connected during their first conversation as they felt they had what each other needed in a relationship. As they grew closer, Jesse didn’t get to know anyone during Casa Amor.

Instead, he used the time to think about Deb and how he could show her more romance as she wanted. Ultimately, Deb chose to couple up with Kyle, leaving Jesse single because she didn’t know if she could continue trusting his words.

Although Jesse seemed bummed, he noted he wanted Deb to be happy. A day after Deb brought Kyle back into the house, it was announced that he had left the villa for personal reasons. As Kyle didn’t reveal his exit, it’s unclear exactly why he chose to leave.

Nic Birchall walked from the villa

22-year-old Venezuela native Nic Birchall also joined the cast during Casa Amor, initially wanting to pursue Sydney.

However, he and Nadjha Day talked, and the two got along well, with her noting he’s the first Islander that’s “excited” her.

Following another conversation, she admitted she felt more of a spark with Nic than with current partner Jeff Christian and they shared their first kiss. Before Casa Amor closed, Nadjha told Nic she felt “comfortable” with him and wanted to continue opening up to him.

She returned to the villa with Nic on her arm but backtracked when she realized Jeff didn’t come back with anyone, hoping to recouple with her. Therefore, she gave it another chance. As a result, Nic decided to walk from the villa on Day 21.

Kat Gibson left ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

21-year-old Virginia-based YouTuber Kat Gibson entered the villa near the end of Week 2 as a bombshell. Chazz Bryant dumped OG favorite Sereniti Springs for her, and the pair coupled up.

However, she quickly expressed her interest in getting to know other people, and they both moved on from each other.


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During Casa Amor, she didn’t connect with anyone as she wanted to pursue something with Jared. Even though he returned with Chanse Corbi, the two hit it off and began developing their relationship.

However, when he was dumped from the island on Day 22, she decided to leave as well. Love Island USA Season 4 airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.