‘Love Island USA’: Jared Hassim Says Kat Gibson Is ‘Already Acquainted’ With His Family

Even though Jared Hassim and Kat Gibson entered Love Island USA together, they didn’t act on their attraction toward each other until it was too late. Jared got dumped from the island, and Kat voluntarily left to continue their relationship. Following their exit, he sat down with After the Island and revealed she had since gotten “acquainted” with his family.

Jared Hassim said he kissed Kat Gibson before Casa Amor

Bombshells Katherine “Kat” Gibson and Jared Hassim entered the villa together but didn’t act on attraction toward each other until after Casa Amor several days later.

While she was safe, he ended up at the bottom and was dumped from the island. Feeling strongly about her connection with Jared, Kat decided to leave with him.

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Following their exit, he talked to After the Island and admitted he instantly felt an attraction to Kat when they entered together. He explained he felt she checked his boxes physically, but they were focused on getting to know those in the villa at the time.

Before Casa Amor opened, Jared revealed the two had conversations as she was coupled with Chazz Bryant and shared a kiss on the balcony.

Kat is ‘already acquainted’ with Jared’s family

The newcomer claimed he wanted to tell Kat his intent to pursue her fully but found out they were separating for Casa Amor before he got the chance.

After leaving together, Jared says he has plans for their first date but noted she had already had dinner with his mom and his mother’s boyfriend.

According to the Islander, his mom “loved” Kat and finds her “smart and adorable.” Additionally, she seemed to approve of the relationship.

Jared also said Kat spoke to his father on his phone, so she’s “already acquainted” with his family. As neither has had an official relationship before, she is the first romantic interest he’s brought home to his parents.

Jared and Kat left ‘Love Island USA’ together

When Jared first came in, alongside Nadjha Day and Kat, he went on dates with Mady McLanahan and Deb Chubb. Even though he seemed to hit off more with the latter, her strong partnership with Jesse Bray deterred him from pursuing her.

Therefore, he coupled up with Mady as she lost her love interest, Andy Voyen. Even though Mady felt that Jared was a great match for her, she couldn’t get Andy out of her mind and chose to walk away from the villa.

Casa Amor opened following her exit, and Jared took advantage, connecting with Chanse Corbi. The two returned to the villa together, where Kat awaited him, and he told her how she felt about him. Feeling the same way, the couple hit it off.

As America didn’t get much chance to see his connection with Chanse, the two were at the bottom and sent home. Even though she was safe, Kat decided to leave as well, believing she had already found her person in Jared. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.

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