‘Love Island USA’: Joel and Bella Are Dating Following the Season

Bella Barbaro and Joel Bierwert had feelings for each other during Love Island USA Season 4, but they didn’t pursue a connection as she was quickly dumped from the island. Following their time on the show, Joel and Bella are dating.

Joel Bierwert confirms he and Bella Barbaro are ‘dating’

During an episode of the After the Island podcast, Massachusetts native Joel Bierwert sent a message to the hosts in the live chat giving an update on his current relationship with Gabriella “Bella” Barbaro.

He confirmed the two are currently dating and “doing really amazing.” He shared that he’s already met her family, who he says approves of him.

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Additionally, Joel revealed that he’s planning to ask her to become exclusive in the near future. One viewer screenshotted his message and uploaded it to Reddit, where fans shared their opinion of the new couple.

Some said they were “happy” for the couple and wished they would have shown the two more in the episodes. Additionally, they think Joel and Bella would have made things official had they stayed in the villa together. However, others claimed it felt “odd” as they thought the two were moving too fast.

Bella entered the villa after Casa Amor

Bella first arrived on the island, described as someone who gets what she wants, during Love Island USA Season 4 Week 3 when Casa Amor opened up.

After Chazz Bryant spent time with Gabby Kiszk in the Hideaway Suite, he wanted to get to know Bella as he found himself attracted to her. Bella returned the sentiment, noting she liked his energy.

Following the conversation, Chazz asked Bella to spend the night with him, admitting he would have instead hung out with her in the Hideaway Suite.

Chazz told Gaby about it, who said the arrangement caught her off guard as he had previously told her he wanted to return to the villa with her. However, Chazz felt a deeper connection with Bella and chose to bring her back instead.

Joel was dumped from ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 shortly after Bella

Joel arrived on the island a few days later, and he and Bella hit off when Chazz turned his head for Phoebe Siegel. The two kissed, and Phoebe told Bella about it before he had a chance.

Therefore, Bella began pursuing Joel, feeling a connection with him.

However, Bella and Chaz ended up at the bottom as the viewers voted them one of the least compatible couples. The other Islanders opted to save Courtney Boerner and Chad Robinson, dumping Chazz, Bella, Jared Hassim, and Chanse Corbi.

Due to Joel’s safety, he remained in the competition and coupled up with Phoebe until his exit a few days later. On his way out of the villa, Joel claimed he planned to reach out to Bella. Love Island USA is streaming on Peacock.

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