‘Love Island USA’: Kat Reveals What Made Her Take ’80 Steps Back’ From Chazz

Love Island USA Islander Kat Gibson initially paired up with Chazz Bryant before quickly expressing her interest in keeping her options open. During a recent interview, she revealed what pushed her away from the 21-year-old.

Kat Gibson reveals why she took ‘80 steps back’ from Chazz Bryant

Bombshell Katherine “Kat” Gibson entered the villa on Day 12 when Chazz Bryant dumped Sereniti Springs to couple up with her. However, it didn’t last long as the two separated for Casa Amor and Kat expressed her interest in newcomer Jared Hassim upon return.

When he got dumped from the island a few days later, the YouTuber chose to leave with him. Following her exit, she sat down with After the Island and discussed her time in the villa. She admitted her interest in Jared seemed “abrupt” but revealed they had a long conversation before Casa Amor opened and planned to pursue something when it ended.

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Kat also shared why she took “80 steps back” from Chazz so quickly. According to the Internet personality, when they were standing by the table after the recoupling ceremony, he declared he was “all for Kat.” She claimed his declaration shocked her because she told him several times that she’ll step away from the connection if she felt “too much pressure.”

Additionally, Kat noted she repeatedly expressed her need for “space” and desire to take things slowly. Regardless, she wanted to give it a chance. During their separation, when Casa Amor opened, which she considered a “test” for them, Kat says she realized her true feelings for Jared.

Sereniti Springs claimed Chazz made ‘intense’ promises

After she left the villa, Sereniti revealed the disconnect between her and Chazz during her interview with After the Island. She admitted she was “surprised” when his sister Bria picked her to partner up with him as she wanted to continue pursuing her connection with Tyler Radziszewski.

The favorite Islander expanded on the “off feeling” she felt with Chazz, noting she found him “very overwhelming.” The New Orleans-based bartender claimed he made “intense” promises and tended to speak in “absolutes,” which she didn’t want.

According to Sereniti, he swore on his dog, even though he reportedly only has a cat, that he wouldn’t turn for another girl and said he would leave the villa with her. She claimed she didn’t “need” the promises and wanted him to realize that his words held weight.

Although Sereniti claims she tried to make it work, the final deal breaker was due to their age difference. She also addressed his “savage” recoupling speech when he chose to couple up with Kat over her, noting she previously asked him not to “blindside” or “embarrass” her.

Chazz clarified his recoupling speech picking Kat over Sereniti

Speaking to Today after his exit, Chazz clarified his choice of words during the speech. He insisted he never wavered in his decision to pick Kat, claiming he knew he didn’t want to continue with Sereniti due to their “issues.”

Regarding his choice of words, the 21-year-old admitted he felt “pressure” for his first speech of the season and knew the eyes were on him since he had a big decision.

He owned up to talking about both women in his speech, noting he addressed Sereniti at the beginning before shifting gears toward the end when he planned to pick Kat.

The New Jersey native explained he didn’t want to give his choice away, pointing out, “ultimately, at the end of the day, it was a show.” He also admitted he didn’t warn Sereniti as she wanted, claiming, “that’s not something we’re supposed to do.” Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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