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Love Island USA Season 4 Islander Kat Gibson is one of the newest bombshells to enter the villa. The Virginia native has amassed over 500,000 subscribers to her mukbang-focused YouTube channel.

Kat Gibson has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers

The newest bombshell to enter Love Island USA Season 4, 21-year-old Internet personality Katherine “Kat” Gibson, is a popular face in the Mukbang community on YouTube.

A mukbang is defined as an Internet-based eating show in which the host consumes copious amounts of food while interacting with viewers.

Kat posted her first video, a simple glam makeup tutorial, in 2017 and has since accumulated 533,000 subscribers. On top of mukbangs, which have included seafood boils, charcuterie boards, Asian BBQ, Thanksgiving, and Taco Bell, the YouTuber’s content includes beauty tutorials and vlogs.

She recently uploaded a Coachella vlog and another celebrating her 21st birthday. The Virginia native usually films alone, although she occasionally features friends.

Kat entered ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 during Week 2

She came into the villa on Day 12 alongside other bombshells, Nadjha Day and Jared Hassim. The YouTuber, who said she wanted to find a “real man,” went on her first date with Isaiah Campbell, who cooked her entree.

The two didn’t seem to have a connection, but he admitted he was open to getting to know other girls, despite his strong coupling with Sydney Paight. She connected with Chazz Bryant over dinner and told him he’s what “every girl needs.” In a confessional, he admitted he thought Kat was “f****** perfect” for him but didn’t want to mess up what he had going with Sereniti Springs. Ultimately, Chazz picked Kat over Sereniti, sending her home in a “savage” speech.

The two talked after the recoupling ceremony, and she admitted that she wanted to take things slowly. Later that night, the Islanders played truth or dare, and Jared had to kiss his top three picks in the villa. He chose Mady McLanahan, Deb Chubb, and Kat.

When asked to pick the weakest couple in the house, Timmy Pandolfi named Kat and Chazz, noting he didn’t think she shared the same feelings as him. The YouTuber confirmed in a confessional, revealing that she wanted to explore other options. Kat might pursue Jared, as his connection with Mady doesn’t seem that strong, or meet someone at the upcoming Casa Amor.

Nadjha Day also joined ‘Love Island’ during Week 2

Nadjha Day entered the villa alongside Kat, ready to find love. She had her first dates with Jeff Christian and Isaiah, mostly set on the latter.

During their conversation, he impressed her with his recent focus on self-growth and admitted she wanted to get to know him better.


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However, his relationship with Sydney might prevent it. Isaiah didn’t give her a straight answer, only claiming no one can ever get “set on someone.” He later admitted his connection with Nadjha and interest in getting to know her better, upsetting Sydney, who cried about it.

Isaiah later talked to Nadjha and revealed his mutual attraction. However, he isn’t sure how to go about the situation without hurting Sydney. His reluctance began to wear on Nadjha, who got emotional over it as she felt she didn’t have a fair chance. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.