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Dallas native Mady McLanahan spent most of her time in Love Island USA coupled up with Andy Voyen. She quit a few days after his exit as she didn’t think she could make another connection on the island. After returning to social media, Mady admitted she wished viewers saw the “progress” she and Andy made in their relationship.

Mady McLanahan coupled up with Andy Voyen during ‘Love Island USA’

After the initial coupling, Val Bragg and Mady McLanahan snuck into the villa. Mady quickly connected with Andy Voyen, whose relationship with Courtney Boerner fizzled out, as she felt they shared similar values.

However, he got bored with their relationship, considering it surface level, because she hadn’t opened up. Speaking to the women, Mady admitted it took her a while to show her vulnerability. The pace wasn’t moving fast enough for Andy, who set his sights on Sydney Paight.

Even though she was already in a strong pairing with Isaiah Campbell, they both admitted they wanted to get to know each other better. They also kissed, which Andy felt gave him the green light to pick her at the next recoupling ceremony.

His choice shocked Sydney and upset Isaiah who thought Andy broke the “bro code.” While paired together, the two didn’t get to know each other as she wanted to get back with Isaiah. Therefore, Andy rekindled his romance with Mady. Even though she initially claimed she would never give him another chance, the pair remained coupled until his dumping on Day 11.

Mady wishes the viewers saw the ‘progress’ she and Andy made

Following his exit, Mady failed to make another connection and chose to walk away from the show shortly before Casa Amor opened.

After leaving the villa, Mady returned to social media, where she answered fans’ questions on her Instagram story. One viewer asked what “surprised” Mady the most when she watched the episodes, and the Texas native admitted the lack of content showcasing her and Andy’s “progress” confused her.

Mady continued, claiming the two had “a lot of deep conversations” which proved “that he deserved a second chance.” The 26-year-old wished fans saw more of their discussions so they could watch their relationship develop and understand why she got back with him after insisting she wouldn’t.

According to Mady, it took a while for Andy to regain her trust but noticed it appears that she “immediately took him back” when he and Sydney failed to work out. “Andy put forth a lot of effort, and I wish the viewers could’ve seen that,” she concluded. In another post, she promised the two had plans to visit each other soon.

Mady quit ‘Love Island USA’ a few days after Andy left

During Week 2, Mady and Andy landed at the bottom, making them vulnerable for elimination.

The other Islanders voted to split them up as they decided to save Mady over newcomer Bria Bryant but chose Timmy Pandolfi, sending Andy packing.


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Following his elimination, she attempted to move on with newcomer Jared Hassim, but the two didn’t have a spark.

Still wanting to continue her relationship with Andy and not believing she could find another connection during the experiment, Mady opted to leave on Day 15, walking away from the villa. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.