‘Love Island USA’: Nadjha and Jeff Are ‘Working on It’ After the Season

Love Island USA Season 4 couple Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian left the villa seemingly apart following his tense confrontation with Timmy Pandolfi. However, they have since reconciled and are “working on” their relationship.

Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian are ‘working on’ their relationship after ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

Even though Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian chose to exit the island at the same time, they didn’t seem to leave together as she no longer considered him the right person for her.

However, after the season, the pair reconciled. They quickly began posting pictures together, confusing fans who thought they left because she didn’t want to continue a romantic relationship with him.

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In an Instagram question and answer, she described her relationship with Jeff as “friends that sometimes kiss.”

According to the Georgia native, the two are currently “feeling things out,” noting distance, as he lives in Ohio, and maturity as possible reasons why they haven’t made it official yet. “We like to joke and say we’re besties because people think it’s funny, but we really haven’t put a label on our relationship,” she answered. During an Instagram Live, Nadjha clarified that the two are currently “working on it,” with Jeff seated behind her.

Jeff called Nadjha his ‘baby’ in recent interview

After Nadjha’s posts, Jeff did an interview speaking about his time on Love Island USA, including the infamous “buddy comment” that turned into a tense moment with Timmy Pandolfi.

When his partner comforted Timmy after the situation, instead of checking in with him, Jeff muttered “f— Nadjha,” upsetting her and ultimately playing into her choice to leave the villa alone.

He acknowledged his comment on the podcast, claiming he felt that she sided with Timmy at the moment. While Jeff noted he thought she should’ve supported him publicly before talking about it privately, he also admitted he’s “human.”

The Ohio native also spoke about his current relationship with Nadjha, referring to her as “my baby.” He referred to them as “really good friends” and claimed he’s trying to “work s— out with her.” Jeff continued, noting that he doesn’t care who is trying to get with him in his direct messages as he’s only focused on Nadjha.

Nadjha previously claimed he had other outbursts that weren’t featured on the show

Following her time on the show, Nadjha appeared on After the Island, where she revealed Jeff’s other ” outbursts ” that weren’t featured in the show.

She claimed he got jealous over “little things” and frequently accused her of staring at other people from behind her sunglasses. Nadjha admitted it got overwhelming because she insists she “devoted” herself to Jeff outside of Casa Amor, yet he didn’t seem to believe her.

Nadjha noted that other Islanders noticed Jeff’s behavior, mostly Sydney Paight, who told her that she didn’t think his outbursts were “OK.” When the Atlanta native tried to talk to him about it, she recalled using the word “possessive,” which she felt triggered him.

According to Nadjha, he got upset with the others and yelled at them about it, resulting in Sydney preferring to stay out of the situation. Jeff didn’t respond to her claims about his outbursts during his interview. Love Island is streaming on Peacock.

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