‘Love Island USA’: Phoebe and Chad Still Together After the Season; Fans Don’t Buy It

Love Island USA Season 4 last-minute couple Phoebe Siegel and Chad Robinson are apparently still together following the season. As they got paired up shortly before getting voted off the island, fans aren’t sure if their romantic connection is real or if they’re “milking” it for social media fame.

Phoebe Siegel and Chad Robinson are apparently pursuing their connection after ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

A week after the reunion aired, Phoebe Siegel and Chad Robinson went live on Instagram together, where they talked to their fans.

She wrapped her arm around his arm, and they flirted, signaling that the two were still an item following their time on the island. However, the couple didn’t clarify their relationship status. A Reddit user posted a clip of the broadcast where other members replied with their thoughts about the pair.

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Many don’t believe the two have an actual connection and think they’re only “milking” it for the attention of fame and more followers.

Others called Phoebe “clingy” and accused her of using their relationship to boost her social profile. However, some believe their feelings for each other, indicating that the pair continuing to hang out off-camera likely shows interest. “I don’t think they have followers enough to make a difference to fake – especially Chad, who always looked like he would rather be anywhere but in the villa,” they added. 

Chad and Phoebe entered the villa following Casa Amor

During Week 3 of Love Island USA, Chad and Phoebe both arrived on the island when Casa Amor opened. Describing herself as “sassy but sweet,” Phoebe immediately had her sights set on Isaiah Campbell.

Even though he had a strong coupling with Sydney Paight, she thought they made a better match. When he showed hesitation, she told him she believed he felt safe, and Isaiah began opening up.

He admitted he would regret not pursuing things with Phoebe, and they shared a kiss that night, eventually solidifying his decision.

Isaiah chose to bring Phoebe back into the villa, devastating Sydney. On the other side, Chad, who was looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, connected with Courtney Boerner.

Phoebe and Chad eliminated in fifth place

After he and Kat Gibson decided they should remain friends, Chad focused on Courtney, and she brought him back into the villa.

However, their seemingly promising relationship ended when he opted to couple up with returning Islander Mackenzie Dipman. Things ended with Phoebe and Isaiah almost as soon as they began as he quickly decided to get back with Sydney.

Therefore, she tried to get with Chazz Bryant before ending up with newcomer Joel Bierwert. The cast members voted out Joel, and Mackenzie left, resulting in Chad and Phoebe pairing up.

They appeared to get along well and made the final five but were voted out before the finale when the other Islanders determined them the least compatible. Many fans initially didn’t particularly like Phoebe as they felt she was only focused on playing the game. Love Island USA is available to stream on Peacock.

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