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Love Island USA Season 4 Islanders Zeta Morrison and Courtney Boerner kissed, convincing fans that the two should choose each other at the next recoupling.

Why fans are rooting for Zeta Morrison and Courtney Boerner to couple up

During Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 16, which aired August 5, the Islanders played another game of Truth or Dare.

The others dared Zeta Morrison to kiss the top three guys she had an interest, but she made a beeline for Courtney Boerner first. Admitting she had really wanted to and knew Courtney identified as a bi-sexual, Zeta kissed her.

Courtney enjoyed it and revealed she felt they had built up sexual tension. Many fans lived for the steamy kiss and took to social media to express their beliefs that Courtney and Zeta should couple up.

Several posted zoomed-in pictures of the ladies holding each other on the balcony while watching the dates when the three bombshells (Nadjha Day, Kat Gibson, and Jared Hassim) arrived, pointing out the pair have shown an interest in each other that might go beyond friendship. Viewers are rooting for Zeta and Courtney to couple up as they see their chemistry and notice sparks when they kiss.

Zeta has remained coupled up with Timmy Pandolfi for most of ‘Love Island USA’

Zeta entered the villa as one of the original Islanders and stepped out for Timmy Pandolfi, who reciprocated the attraction.

The pair almost immediately became a fan favorite, affectionately referred to as Zimmy, and seemed probable to win. However, siblings Chazz and Bria Bryant broke up their happy home when he picked Timmy to couple up with his sister, separating the couple.

The two hit a rocky patch as Timmy was interested in her, and Zeta began focusing on her connection with newcomer Jeff Christian. However, she couldn’t get him out of her head, and they eventually reconnected when he admitted to having a stronger relationship with her.

The couple partnered back up, ultimately leading to Bria’s dumping, and have been inseparable since then. They recently had private time in the Hideaway Suite shortly before Casa Amor opened.

Bryce Fins and Courtney might be a dark horse to win ‘Love Island USA’

Also an OG Islander, Courtney entered on Day 1 and didn’t step forward for any of the Islanders, signaling an interest.

However, she was the first girl chosen when Andy Voyen picked her to partner with at the initial coupling. During one of their first conversations, he admitted he’s a “mama boy,” which Courtney considered a red flag. Therefore, she moved on to Felipe Gomes, noting she felt the sexual tension between the two.


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After a kiss seemingly confirmed their connection, they partnered up and remained together for a few days until Bryce Fins caught her eye. After a few conversations, Courtney felt Bryce was more interested in her and appreciated their ability to talk for a while.

Therefore, she chose him, dumping Felipe from the villa. Even though Courtney and Bryce don’t receive much screen time, they seem happy together and in a good place. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.