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Mady McLanahan and Valerie Bragg sitting next to each during a dinner in 'Love Island: USA' Season 4

‘Love Island: USA’ Season 4 Episode 3: New Girls Steal 2 Boys, Plus 1 Couple Thinks They Aren’t ‘Compatible’

During ‘Love Island: USA’ Season 4 Episode 2, new girls Mady McLanahan and Valerie Bragg picked two guys of their choice. Additionally, one couple might not be ‘compatible’ while the season’s first love triangle might have formed.

During Love Island: USA Season 4 Episode 3, Mady McLanahan and Valerie Bragg secretly entered the house and shook up couples by stealing two boys. Additionally, one pair thinks they aren’t “compatible” while the season’s first love triangle might have formed.

Mady McLanahan and Valerie Bragg stole two boys

On the same night the first couples of Love Island: USA Season 4 formed, Mady McLanahan and Valerie Bragg secretly entered the villa. Jesse Bray and Felipe Gomes snuck out to meet the new faces for dinner.

Following the conversation, Jesse admitted he wanted to get to know Valerie better, even though he had a strong connection with Deb Chubb. The season’s first game revealed that Jesse cheated on an ex-girlfriend during a family vacation to Mexico, which annoyed Deb, who had experienced the same thing before.

Mady and Val discovered they had the opportunity to steal two bos and began having conversations. During Mady’s talk with Andy Voyen, she realized he has qualities she wants in a partner, even though she felt a spark with Timmy Pandolfini.

Valerie was physically attracted to Jesse and Isaiah Campbell but felt the latter might not suit her. Therefore, Mady ended up partnering with Andy, and Valerie chose Jesse, leaving Courtney Boerner and Debb single.

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell think they might not be compatible

During Love Island: USA Season 4 Episode 2, Isaiah began what he described as “calling out red flags” he saw in his partner Sydney Paight, upsetting her. She got emotional and admitted she thought he came on “too intense” and didn’t like her.

As she shared her feelings with a few other Islanders, Isaiah spoke to Val, who revealed he might be too much of her type. That night, Sydney told a couple of the ladies that she believes Isaiah doesn’t think they’re “compatible,” upsetting her and causing her to get emotional because she doesn’t want to change herself.

She later talked to Valerie about the situation and admitted she thought Isaiah might lack emotional maturity. After talking with Val, Isaiah realized he probably “came on too strong” with Sydney and told the confessional that he had forgotten how to approach things after being single for a few years.

The couple later talked where she revealed a previous emotionally abusive relationship that caused her to get “overwhelmed” by the situation. Isaiah apologized and admitted he behaved immaturely. However, Sydney seemingly wants to take a step back.

Deb Chubb, Jesse Bray, and Valerie form the first love triangle of ‘Love Island: USA’ Season 4

Jesse and Deb initially paired up when she stepped forward for him after he entered the villa. He quickly told her he had strong feelings for her, and she admitted she needed to be “vulnerable” but wanted more from him first.

Even though the cheating admission bothered Deb, she seemed willing to want to work on their connection. However, Val picked Jesse that night, throwing a curve. She admitted the situation upset her because she and Jesse began making “good strides.”


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He also revealed he felt stuck due to wanting to focus on one connection at a time but still having unresolved feelings for Deb. Even so, he told Val he had the strongest feelings for her, and she considered him trustworthy. Later that night, the group played another game in which Jesse had to kiss all the girls and name the best one.

He picked Deb, and the two passionately kissed again, causing Val to get emotional. Love Island: USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Peacock.