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Love Island: USA Season 4 Islander Jesse Bray has already caught himself in a throuple with Deb Chubb and Valerie Bragg. During episode 4, he finally made a choice. Additionally, new Islander Tyler Radziszewski entered the villa.

Jesse decided between Deb and Val during ‘Love Island: USA’ Season 4 Episode 4

After Deborah “Deb” Chubb and Jesse Bray coupled up and seemingly made a connection, Valerie Bragg entered the villa.

Given the permission to steal any guy of her choosing, Val picked Jesse, leaving Deb single and eligible for the first dumping. Although Jesse admitted his unresolved feelings for Deb, he wanted to focus on Val as they are currently coupled.

He told Val he likes her the most and later dodged her question when she wondered if his connection with Deb should worry her. Jesse didn’t answer but insisted he loved being coupled up with her.

Val and Deb then talked, realizing Jesse told them similar things, causing Val to confront him. He apologized for leading her on before admitting he would couple up with Deb if given a chance.

Val stole Jesse from Deb on the first night, leaving her single

When Jesse initially snuck out to meet the new girls, he noted an instant connection with Val and wanted to pursue her, regardless of his current coupling with Deb.

When the new Islander picked him, Jesse claimed he felt conflicted but promised to give Val his attention. The situation admittedly upset Deb, who thought she and Jesse were “making good strides.” The 27-year-old Houston-based mail courier sought advice from Zeta Morrison and revealed he felt more attracted to Deb due to how much he had already learned about her.

Additionally, Deb shared her thoughts about the situation, noting she wanted to begin flirting but didn’t have any connections and usually didn’t assert herself when another girl was involved.

After Jesse spoke with Val, he talked with Deb and revealed he cared about her but wanted to pursue his current partner. The conversation frustrated Deb as she felt she was vulnerable, but he didn’t give her much.

New Islander Tyler Radziszewski made a good first impression on many girls

23-year-old Cleveland native Tyler Radziszewski entered the villa on Day 4, surprising the current Islanders by lounging in the pool.

In his intro, Tyler claimed he thinks the other guys will be jealous of him and noted he just “wants to have fun.” Deb and Sereniti Springs, who already considers partner Felipe Gomes a friend, expressed an immediate attraction toward him, with the latter comparing him to a “superhero.”


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The Islanders gathered to play a kissing game in which they are kissed blindfolded and have to rate the smooth. Jesse rated Val’s higher than Deb’s, but Val didn’t feel the same, admitting she would have given him a lower assessment if she knew it wasn’t him as she wanted “more aggression.”

Timmy Pandolfi won the competition with the highest ratings. Following the game, Deb revealed she enjoyed Tyler’s kiss the best, who simultaneously told the guys the same thing. While he’s into Deb, the newest Islander is also interested in Val and Sereniti. Love Island: USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.