‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Islander Accuses Others of Trying to Fight Her at the Reunion

According to Love Island USA Season 4 cast member Tigerlily Cooley, one Islander reportedly tried to fight Gabby Kiszk at the reunion. However, early favorite Sereniti Springs has since denied “any violence.”

Tigerlily Cooley says cast members tried to fight Gabby Kiszk

In a TikTok video posted after the Love Island USA Season 4 reunion, Tigerlily Cooley, who briefly appeared on the reality show when Casa Amor opened, revealed what viewers didn’t see during the episode.

According to the Washington native, who didn’t attend the reunion, one of the Islanders reportedly attempted to fight Gabby Kiszk, who was also only featured in Casa Amor.

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Wondering who tried to assault their co-star, many fans began asking the Islanders, who have since gone live on Instagram a few times to answer questions. During Sereniti Springs and Tyler Radziszewski’s broadcast, one viewer asked about the situation.

She claimed she didn’t believe “any violence” occurred at the reunion and hinted at Tigerlily for having a lot of “time online,” without mentioning the Islander. She continued and claimed it’s those you’ve never met who always say something. Sereniti refused to say her name and referred to the Islander as a “ghost in the wind.” Therefore, many viewers don’t think anyone tried to fight Gabby at the reunion, but it’s unclear why Tigerlily would have said that.

Tigerlily on her ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 experience

A couple of days before the finale, Tigerlily shared her experience on the show with an unnamed male Islander. According to the Washington native, she was “genuinely interested” in him but their “behavior,” which she says occurred off-screen, “made me feel uncomfortable” and crossed boundaries.

The 24-year-old didn’t go into more detail on the specific actions but explained his alleged attitude toward her after she claimed she refused his “sexual advancements.” According to Tigerlily, the unnamed Islander spread rumors about her that caused others to treat her differently and “slut shame” her.

She also pointed out that viewers last saw her in the show sleeping alone in the Hideaway Suite and accused production of blocking her from attending the reunion and other post-show opportunities.

Tigerlily never named the person but “liked” comments referring to the person as Jeff Christian, who she spent time with in Casa Amor before he appeared to move on from her in favor of solidifying something with Nadjha Day back in the villa.

Gabby only appeared in ‘Love Island USA’ during Casa Amor

Gabby also appeared on Love Island USA when Casa Amor opened, noting she wanted to find her “baby daddy” on the show. Initially, she seemed interested in Jeff but went on to connect with Chazz Bryant. He enjoyed their “flirty banter,” and she called their encounter “refreshing.”

Likely due to Chazz being one of the only Islanders not in a strong coupling, the guys voted on him and Gabby to spend a night alone together in the Hideaway. The next day, Chazz said he had a good time but admitted he wasn’t sure if it strengthened their connection.

Therefore, he got to know Gabriella “Bella” Barbaro, and they shared an attraction toward each other. They spent the last night in Casa Amor in bed together, shocking Gabby, who claimed Chazz had previously told her that he would bring her back to the villa. However, the 21-year-old felt more “physically attracted” to Bella, ultimately pairing up with her instead.

It didn’t last long as Phoebe Siegel turned his head, and she went on to form something with newcomer Joel Bierwert. The couple then landed in the bottom and were dumped from the island only a few days later. As Gabby remained on the show for four days and hadn’t met the female Islanders, it’s unclear who would have tried to fight her at the reunion, as Tigerlily claims.

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