‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Islander Accuses Show of Blacklisting Her After Exposing Cast Member

Love Island USA Season 4 cast member Tigerlily Cooley opened up about her experience on the show and revealed why she didn’t attend the reunion. She believes production blocked her from reuniting with the cast and other post-show opportunities.

Tigerlily Cooley accused an islander of crossing her boundaries during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

When Casa Amor opened, Tigerlily Cooley was among the five girls hoping to find a connection. Initially, into Isaiah Campbell and Timmy Pandolfi, the Seattle native began talking to Jeff Christian.

She appreciates how he carries himself, and the two got cuddly in bed that night. However, he claimed he focused more on Nadjha Day and wanted to solidify a relationship with her.

Their connection appeared to fizzle out, and Jeff returned to the villa single. A couple of days before the finale, and shortly after he and Nadjha decided to leave the island, Tigerlily went public with her experience in Casa Amor.

According to the 24-year-old, she had a “genuine interest” in an unnamed islander and attempted to get to know him. However, she accused him of behaving in a manner that crossed her boundaries and made her feel uneasy.

Tigerlily says other ‘Love Island’ alums have told her they had similar experiences

Additionally, Tigerlily said the cast member treated her poorly and spread rumors about her that caused her to feel “slut shamed” after she rejected his “sexual advancements.”

After she was featured in an episode sleeping alone in the Hideaway Suite, Tigerlily pointed out that she doesn’t appear in the show again.

Additionally, she claimed the show had prevented her from attending the cast reunion or other post-show opportunities afforded to other Islanders. Tigerlily’s perceived erasure from the season upsets her because she wanted to represent the Asian American community in the dating series.

A few days later, she claimed other Love Island: USA and Love Island: UK alums had shared similar experiences with her. Tigerlily then reiterated her point in coming forward, noting she wanted to address fans who wondered about her disappearance and explain why viewers wouldn’t see her at the reunion.

Jeff Christian and Nadjha Day left the island early

When Jeff returned to the villa single, he eventually reunited with Nadjha, even though she returned with newcomer Nicholas “Nic” Birchall. While the two appeared to establish a strong connection, Nadjha was impressed that Jeff remained single and decided to continue their relationship, moving on from Nic.

A couple of days before the finale, the remaining five couples voted on the least compatible, dumping them from the island.


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They selected newcomers Chad Robinson and Phoebe Siegel over OG couple Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray, annoying Jeff as he thought the latter took a step back when Deb rejected Jesse’s proposal to become exclusive. Therefore, he began calling out the original cast members for having a “buddy-buddy” alliance.

It eventually turned into a tense exchange between Jeff and Timmy Pandolfi. When Nadjha apologized to Timmy for her partner’s behavior, he got upset with her and swore at her under his breath. The situation proved too much for Nadjha, and she emotionally decided to leave the villa with Jeff following her out of the door.