‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Nic Birchall Reveals He Felt ‘Mentally and Emotionally Drained’ Before Walking

Love Island USA Season 4 bombshell Nadjha Day returned to the villa with Nic Birchall following Casa Amor before cuttings things off with him to pursue Jeff Christian. Therefore, he left five days later. In a recent Instagram post, Nic revealed he felt “mentally and emotionally drained” before walking away.

Nic Birchall opens up about leaving ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 in an Instagram post

Ten days after leaving Love Island USA Season 4, Nicholas “Nic” Birchall revealed why he chose to walk away from the experience.

In an August 24 Instagram post, he admitted he felt “mentally and emotionally drained” and didn’t remain true to himself.

The 22-year-old pointed out that he forgot that Love Island “is ultimately a game” and thought he was only a “moving part” of other Islanders’ journeys.

“This hurt my opportunity to grow a genuine and deep connection,” he revealed. Nic continued, noting he wanted his match to “know everything” about him but didn’t find anyone that allowed him to open up about his truth.

Nic also came out as bisexual

“My time in the villa ultimately didn’t end up as I hoped, but it didn’t feel right to stay somewhere where I wasn’t fully being myself, and I didn’t want to be portrayed as someone I wasn’t,” the Islander shared.

According to Nic, he intended to reveal his bisexuality during his time in the villa but didn’t, considering it not “the right place to say my truth.”

Therefore, he opened up about it in the Instagram post, pointing out that “bisexual men don’t have very much representation on TV.”

As a result, he wanted to come out and use his platform to “encourage inclusivity in media.” Season 4 co-stars Courtney Boerner and Mady McLanahan replied with how “proud” they are for him sharing his truth in the comment section.

Nic returned from Casa Amor with Nadjha Day before leaving 

Viewers were first introduced to Nic when he met the female Islanders during Casa Amor. He noted he wanted a woman who “owns” every room she enters and considered Sydney Paight his “type.”

Even though Nic claimed he could “take any girl,” he didn’t shoot his shot at Sydney, presumably due to her loyalty to his current partnership with Isaiah Campbell. Instead, he and bombshell Nadjha Day quickly hit it off as they shared similar values.


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In a confessional, she said he was the first person that had entered the villa to “excite” her. Following another conversation with the Venezuela native, Nadjha admitted she felt more of a “spark” with the newcomer than with current partner Jeff Christian and asked to spend the night together, where they shared several kisses.

The couple continued to strengthen their relationship, and she thought she could let her “guard down” around him. Therefore, Nadjha invited Nic back into the villa. However, after noticing Jeff returned single, she changed her mind, hoping to work on their connection. The Atlanta-based bombshell broke things off with Nic to continue her relationship with Jeff, resulting in the 22-year-old voluntarily leaving the villa only five days after entering. Love Island USA Season 4 airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.