‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Planned to Feature a Set of Exes

Love Island USA Season 4 featured two firsts, including siblings and the return of former Islander Mackenzie Dipman. However, according to cast member Val Bragg, the season also would have included another historic twist as she and her ex-boyfriend were reportedly both supposed to be in the villa together.

Val Bragg says her ex was cast for ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

When Love Island USA Season 4 started to close, fans realized that Islander Valerie “Val” Bragg had a boyfriend and wondered if they were dating while on the dating show.

She posted a lengthy explanation on her Instagram story, claiming she didn’t enter Love Island while in a relationship and was single for months.

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After getting dumped from the island, Val said her ex-boyfriend Chris Larsen contacted her and revealed he almost appeared on the show as well.

According to her, he was isolated in a hotel room watching the episodes, which he called “emotionally draining.” It apparently put her ex in a negative head space, resulting in him heading home instead of entering the villa.

Val and her ex reconciled after her exit

Following the conversation, Val claimed the two were able to open up to each other and ended up reconnecting.

She clarified the timeline of their past relationship in another Instagram story post, explaining they dated from 2019 until 2021 and have since dated on and off.

One follower wondered if they were cast to participate in Love Island together, and Val admitted, “I think that’s what the producers must have had in mind.” However, she’s happy it didn’t work out because she isn’t sure she would’ve been able to handle it emotionally.

When asked if the two are currently dating, Val revealed they are back together and nearly appeared on the season together. “[I] wish you guys had met him because he is actually the most amazing man I have ever met in my life,” she added.”

‘Love Island USA’ featured two other franchise firsts

The season featured a pair of siblings for the first time in Love Island history. Bria and Chazz Bryant entered the villa on Day 6 and could choose anyone for each other.

They caused waves by stealing Timmy Pandolfi and Sereniti Springs, as they were both in solid couplings with other Islanders. While Bria was sent home a few days later, unable to make a connection, Chazz coupled with three different girls until his eventual dumping on Day 22.

Additionally, season 4 included another first by bringing a former Islander back. Mackenzie Dipman, who originally appeared in the second season, returned to the villa on Day 23, near the end of the competition. Chad Robinson dumped OG Islander Courtney Boerner for Mackenzie, and the two coupled up but didn’t develop a strong enough connection.

While he moved on to Phoebe Siegel, she left the island after five days, believing she learned everything she needed from the experience. If the season featured exes, season 4 would have three franchise firsts. Love Island USA Season 4 is available to stream on Peacock.

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