‘Love Island USA’: Sereniti Says Chazz Was ‘Very Overwhelming’ and Made ‘Intense’ Promises to Her

Love Island USA Season 4 favorite Sereniti Springs coupled up with Chazz Bryant, chosen by his sister Bria, ending her blossoming relationship with Tyler Radziszewski. The two didn’t work out, leading to a “savage” dumping. Sereniti has since opened up about her “very overwhelming” experience with Chazz.

Sereniti Springs says Chazz Bryant was ‘very overwhelming’

Original Islander Serenti Springs was dumped from the island on Day 13 when Chazz Bryant chose to couple up with bombshell Kat Gibson.

The two didn’t seem to have the best connection, but fans were still sad to see a favorite Islander leave the competition. Following her exit, she appeared on After the Island and discussed her time on the island, most notably her experience with Chazz.

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She admitted she was “surprised” and not necessarily happy when Chazz’s sister, Bria, selected her to partner up with her brother, leaving “main guy” Tyler Radziszewski. The New Orleans-based bartender claimed she tried to be a “good sport” but felt as though she got “summoned to a position” she didn’t want.

Regarding the “off feeling,” Sereniti explained she attempted to immerse herself in the experience, although their age difference initially threw her off. However, she found him “very overwhelming.” According to Sereniti, the New Jersey native made “intense” promises and often spoke in “absolutes.”

Sereniti reveals her ultimate deal breaker with Chazz

For example, she claimed he swore on his dog, even though she says he only has a cat, that he wouldn’t pursue any other girl. Chazz also reportedly told Sereniti that he wanted to leave the villa with her, which she equated with “I love you.”

However, when she didn’t react how she thought he preferred, she recalled he claimed he was joking. The New Orleans native explained she didn’t “need” such severe assurances and wanted him to understand that his words held weight.

She continued, claiming “a lot” of their relationship didn’t make the episodes, and she felt she came off uninterested in him. However, Sereniti insists she did try to make it work. The final deal breaker came when he revealed he was born in the same year as her younger sister, as their age difference bothered her anyway.

Finally, Sereniti remembered asking Chazz not to “blindside” or “embarrass” her and wanted him to “be kind” when it came to the recoupling ceremony. However, the New Jersey native dumped Sereniti, seemingly unexpectedly, in a speech she called “savage.”

Chazz dumped Sereniti during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

During first impressions, Sereniti coupled up with Felipe Gomes before friend zoning him and moving on to newcomer Tyler.

He decided to partner with her over Val Bragg, and the two seemed on their way to developing a solid relationship. However, siblings Bria and Chazz entered the villa, and he expressed interest in coupling up with Sereniti, believing he could steal her away from Tyler.

She respected his decision and chose the New Orleans bartender, breaking up the pair, much to her surprise. Sereniti and Chazz seemingly weren’t interested in each other romantically, and he moved on to Kat when she entered the villa.

After dumping Sereniti for Kat, the newcomer admitted she wanted to explore her options. Therefore, he took full advantage of Casa Amor, ultimately returning to the villa with Bella Barbaro. Love Island USA Season 4 airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.

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