‘Love Island USA’: Shannon St. Clair Confirms She and Josh Goldstein Are Back Together

Love Island USA alum Shannon St. Clair confirmed that she and Josh Goldstein are back together after breaking up in June 2022.

Shannon St. Clair confirms she and Josh Goldstein are back together

Shortly after the Love Island USA Season 4 finale, alum Shannon St. Clair hopped into the comment section of Deb Chubb’s post to respond to a fan who believed she and Josh Goldstein were still broken up.

The follower claimed they saw the same ending as Shannon and Josh for Deb and partner Jesse Bray, predicting the couple wouldn’t last long after the show.

Shannon replied that she and Josh are still together “over a year later.” The pair initially announced their separation in June 2022 after 10 months of dating, citing her wanting to relocate back to Pennsylvania and his wanting to stay in Florida as a reason.

They haven’t posted any pictures together on their Instagram account since their split and appear to still be in their respective locations.

Shannon and Josh broke up in June 2022

In the summer of 2022, a couple of months before they announced the breakup, the pair were selected as alternates, or players who would compete if something happened to a main cast member, for CBS’s new reality competition series, spinoff The Challenge: USA.

While Shannon ended up competing on the show, Josh didn’t. She entered the house as part of the Love Island alliance. Initially, the CBS personality became an early target because she complained about not wanting to compete.

Even though Shannon failed to win a daily mission with her revolving teammates, she avoided elimination as those who won power had other targets. During Week 6, the Algorithm partnered her up with Derek Xiao.

As they competed in the challenge, Shannon shouted her hamstring injury to her teammate, which the cast overheard. Therefore, the pair ended up in elimination to compete against mission losers Justine Ndiba and Enzo Palumbo and were sent home. Shortly after Shannon returned home, she and Josh announced their split.

Josh and Shannon met during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 3

In July 2021, Josh and Shannon met on Love Island USA Season 3 when they immediately coupled up after first impressions. They had an undeniable connection and survived tests, including newcomer Aimee Flores entering the villa.

He eventually asked her to become his girlfriend on a date, and they later solidified their bond with a night alone in the Hideaway Suite. It seemed as though they would run away with the title of America’s Favorite Couple, but they walked away from the island together on Day 31 due to the unexpected death of his sister.


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She returned to his hometown and supported him and his family. The couple then traveled together before settling down in Florida, where they launched a couple’s channel on YouTube. In June 2022, the pair posted a joint statement on Instagram announcing their split after 10 months of dating. They explained that Shannon returned to her hometown in Pennsylvania to support her sister, who recently had a baby and became an esthetician.

However, Josh wanted to remain in Florida and continue working as a personal trainer. The couple did hint at reconciliation in their post, ending it with, “we don’t know what the future holds, and this may not be goodbye forever, but for now, it’s best for both of us.” The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8 on CBS.