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In an unseen moment in Love Island USA Season 4, the girls discussed the guys’ kisses and came to a similar conclusion regarding one Islander, who they nicknamed “dagger tongue.”

The girls call Andy Voyen ‘dagger tongue’ in a deleted scene from ‘Love Island USA’

During an episode of Love Island USA Season 4, the contestants played a game in which they kissed each other blindfolded and then rated the smooch.

It came with a bit of drama as Jesse Bray, who was involved in a “throuple” including Valerie Bragg and Deb Chubb, rated Val higher.

Afterward, the girls gathered and talked about the kisses they received, starting with “dagger tongue” in a deleted scene. Valerie Bragg admitted she didn’t expect it, and they identified Andy Voyen as the smoocher.

They began reenacting the aggressive kiss, and Sereniti Springs claimed she initially enjoyed it. However, as his tongue picked up intensity, the 28-year-old bartender admitted she felt like she was “having a joust.” On the other hand, Andy told the confessional that he considered himself a good kisser.

Andy has coupled up with three girls so far

Andy entered the house on Day 1 and chose Courtney Boerner to partner up with, even though Sereniti was the only one to step forward for him. Even though they were physically attracted to each other, his self-proclaimed status as a mama’s boy eventually pushed her away. Instead, she began focusing on Felipe Gomes, and they have since formed a solid connection.

Andy paired up with newcomer Mady McLanahan who picked him after entering the villa, noting their similar values. However, the Minnesota-based realtor wanted more depth, considering their relationship surface-level, and shot his shot at Sydney Paight.

Even though she also expressed an interest in him, the Texas native wanted to focus on her connection with Isaiah Campbell. They kissed, seemingly confirming for Andy that he should pursue her.

The 23-year-old stole her away from Isaiah at the recoupling, angering his friend, who felt he broke the “bro code” because the two didn’t talk about it beforehand. Andy’s decision ultimately blew up in his face as Sydney and Isaiah continued to get closer, and Mady ended their romantic relationship, noting she wanted to be the first choice.

Will Andy become the next Islander dumped from the island?

Following siblings Bria and Chazz Bryant’s entrance, who have already shaken things up, and two new boys, Bryce Fins and Jeff Christian, the Islanders began a female’s choice recoupling during season 4, episode 10.

Sydney went back to Isaiah, and Sereniti picked Chazz, followed by Deb, who chose Jesse but warned that she would leave if he didn’t put in more effort. Zeta Morrison went next and said her decision comes from her putting herself first, but the episode ended before she made her selection out of Bryce, Andy, Felipe, Jeff, or Timmy.


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As she has a strong connection with Timmy, she may choose him. However, he’s also entertaining newcomer Bria, and she connected with Jeff, who has pursued her. Bria has gotten the closest to Jeff and Timmy, probably choosing whoever Zeta doesn’t. Mady will likely recouple with Andy as she recently admitted to still having feelings and seems willing to give it another chance.

Finally, Courtney has felt her relationship with Felipe has gone stale and fears he’s only playing the game. Therefore, she’s given new Islander Bryce attention, who has also expressed an interest in getting to know her better. It’s unclear who she’ll choose. Whoever Courtney doesn’t pick, Bryce or Felipe will probably get dumped from the island next. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.