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During Love Island USA Season 4, Tyler Radziszewski coupled up with Sereniti Springs, noting he thought she brought out a different side of him. However, he didn’t show how he felt about her, confusing Sereniti. Ultimately, she coupled up with newcomer Chazz Bryant, leading to Tyler’s dumping from the island. Following his exit, he admitted he regretted not having “intimate conversations” with Serenti before his departure.

Tyler Radziszewski coupled up with Sereniti Springs during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

28-year-old California native Sereniti Springs initially partnered up with Felipe Gomes. Even though she found him attractive, the Islander admitted she only felt a friendship vibe with him.

She moved on to newcomer Tyler Radziszewski, who also connected with Deborah “Deb” Chubb and Valerie “Val” Bragg.

However, as Deb rekindled her romance with Jesse Bray, he focused his efforts on Sereniti and Val and went on a date with them individually.

During his time with Sereniti, they both expressed an interest in pursuing a connection. At the recoupling ceremony, Tyler chose Sereniti over Val, dumping her from the island, noting he felt the California native brought out a different side of him. 

Tyler became the first male Islander dumped from season 4

During their short time as a couple, Sereniti wanted Tyler to show interest in her. Although he claimed he found her attractive, Tyler didn’t display affection as she wanted.

Shortly later, new Islanders and siblings Bria and Chazz Bryant entered the villa. After initially taking Mady McLanahan on a date due to America’s vote, he expressed an interest in Sereniti.

His sister picked the two to couple up, stealing her from Tyler and leaving him vulnerable. At the next recoupling, Sereniti opted to partner up with Chazz over Tyler, feeling more of a romantic connection, placing him in the bottom two, next to Zeta Morrison.

All four eligible couples voted to save Zeta, unanimously dumping Tyler from the island. Following his elimination, he spoke about his experience during an exit interview uploaded to the official Instagram account.

Tyler wishes he had ‘more intimate conversations’ with Sereniti before exit

As much of his time in the villa involved Sereniti, the Ohio native addressed her often. When asked which Islander he wishes he met in the real world first, Tyler answered Sereniti.

He called her a “one-of-a-kind girl” and “one of the best humans I’ve ever met.” Also referring to her as a “sweetheart” and “caring person,” Tyler noted he couldn’t wait to continue watching her journey on the show. “Hopefully, I’ll see her soon,” he added.


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The 23-year-old also revealed his biggest regret during the experience, admitting he wishes he had “more intimate conversations” with Sereniti when he learned he was leaving the island. However, Tyler explained he was “still processing” his exit at the time and didn’t get to have as much time to speak with her as he wanted.

Back in the villa, Sereniti is trying to develop her connection with Chazz further. However, she still has Tyler on her mind, as she has unresolved feelings for him. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock at 9/8c.