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Costa Rica native Val Bragg made a few connections during her short time on Love Island USA Season 4 before her dumping on Day 5. However, she has since revealed she didn’t get along with another Islander, noting the cast member made her feel “uncomfortable.”

Valerie Bragg says she didn’t get along with a cast member during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

After getting dumped from Love Island USA Season 4, 23-year-old Costa Rican Valerie “Val” Bragg answered fans’ questions about her short-lived experience on her Instagram story.

Someone asked if she got along with everyone, and Val admitted she didn’t see eye to eye with one Islander.

The 23-year-old claimed she felt another girl “had something against her” from the time she walked into the villa. She accused the Islander of behaving “weird” to her and making comments that made her “uncomfortable.”

According to Val, she didn’t give the drama energy, noting she attempted to stay away from the other cast members. The Costa Rica native didn’t reveal the identity of the Islander. Therefore, fans began speculating and took to a Reddit thread to share their theories.

Many fans think she didn’t get along with Courtney Boerner

Overwhelmingly, the users named Courtney Boerner as the likely culprit, pointing out that she already declared Mady McLanahan and Sydney Paight as her two favorite Islanders.

Additionally, one person pointed out that she took pictures with Zeta Morrison in the villa, presumably ruling her out as well.

Another user added that the girls, with the exception of Courtney, hugged and cried with Val when she got dumped. Instead, they noticed she “stood around awkwardly.”

It’s unclear why the ladies didn’t get along, but one fan thinks Courtney might have viewed Val as “competition.” Others guessed Deb Chubb as the two were in a “throuple” with Jesse Bray for a few days before he revealed his intentions to recouple with Deb.

Valerie was the first Islander dumped from ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

After the first coupling, Mady and Val entered the villa, and Felipe Gomes and Jesse snuck out to greet the girls. Jesse and Val connected during the first conversation, but he admittedly already had feelings for his current partner Deb that he wanted to continue exploring.

Speaking to Isaiah Campbell, one of the first guys to catch her eye, Val revealed she found him attractive but thought someone else might be a better fit for her. In a follow-up conversation, he also admitted to having an attraction. She also talked to Jesse, who assured her that he felt a connection with her as well.


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During the recoupling, Val picked Jesse, stealing him away from Deb, as she appreciated how he wasn’t “intimidated” by her presence. As she began to feel more comfortable in the partnership, Jesse admitted in a confessional that he still has feelings for Deb but plans to focus on his connection with Val. The 23-year-old asked Jesse if she should be concerned about Deb, and the Houston native danced around the question but promised he enjoyed being coupled with her.

She later talked to Deb and discovered Jesse seemingly told them both the same things, resulting in her confronting him. He revealed he would likely recouple with Deb, upsetting Val, who felt Jesse led her on. She attempted to move on with newcomer Tyler Radziszewski, but he decided to partner with Sereniti Springs, dumping her from the island. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.