‘Love Island USA’: Valerie Thinks Jesse Chose Deb to ‘Save a Spot’ on the Show

The first Islander dumped from Love Island USA, Valerie Bragg, spoke in a recent interview about her short-lived experience in the villa. She also opened up about the “throuple” with Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb, admitting she believes he made his decision based on wanting to stay in the running for the grand prize.

Valerie Bragg thinks Jesse Bray chose Deb Chubb to continue in ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

During the first night of Love Island USA Season 4, Valerie “Val” Bragg and Mady McLanahan joined the cast after the initial Islanders coupled up.

However, Val became the first cast member dumped from the island when her connections didn’t work out. Following her exit, she spoke to Page Six about her experience.

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After picking Jesse Bray to couple up with, he admitted he planned to recouple with Deb Chubb, resulting in the Costa Rica native moving on to newcomer Tyler Radziszewski.

In the interview, Val admitted she thought Jesse chose Deb because he wanted to “save a spot” on the show and remain in the race for the $100,000 grand prize. She continued, noting she believes the Texas native might have perceived her as a “threat” due to her outspoken personality as opposed to Deb, who she called “more submissive.”

Val believes Jesse played her and Deb

Additionally, Val noticed that Deb gives him a lot of “attention,” which she thinks makes him feel safe, and chooses to stay with the person who’s the most into him.

According to the 23-year-old, she tried to expose Jesse’s character to Deb but doesn’t think it mattered because she believes the 26-year-old is “very much interested in him.”

When Jesse revealed his choice, Val thinks Deb took the decision as confirmation that the Texas native wanted her instead of seeing “his actions for what they were.”

The Costa Rica native maintains she believes Jesse played her and Deb and pointed out that she “had to go out of my way to get [the truth] out of him,” which she feels speaks volumes.

Val became the first Islander dumped from ‘Love Island USA’

During the first night, Felipe Gomes and Jesse snuck out to greet the two newcomers, Val and Mady. Following their first conversation, Jesse and Val felt a connection toward each other, leading her to steal him from Deb in a recoupling.

Although she thought about exploring something with Isaiah Campbell, the 23-year-old continued getting to know and Jesse reassured her that he wanted to continue exploring their connection.

However, a conversation with Deb revealed Jesse might have told them both he considered them their number one in the house, leading her to confront him. Jesse then admitted he planned to pick Deb at the recoupling, upsetting Val, who felt led on by him.

She decided to pursue something with Tyler, and the two seemed to have a nice date together. Ultimately, he felt more of a connection with Sereniti Springs and chose to partner with her, dumping Val from the island. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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