‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Will Martell Holt’s Mistress Ever Appear on the Show?

Love & Marriage: Huntsville fans have witnessed the dissolution of Martell and Melody Holt’s marriage due to his 5-year affair with Arionne Curry. Curry and Martell even had a baby just one year after the Holt’s welcomed their fourth child. While Curry has been spoken about since the beginning of the reality TV show, she’s never made an appearance on the show. And according to the show’s producer and one of its stars, Curry never will.

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The show’s executive producer says he doesn’t foresee Arionne Curry appearing on the show

Carlos King, the executive producer on the show, has witnessed the Holts’ marital trouble since before filming began. Viewers are dying to see Curry on the show, but King says it’s not as simple as such to have her involved.

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In an interview with The Jasmine Brand, King says though there are shows that would ambush the cast with surprise appearances, he refuses to do that on this particular show with Curry.  “One thing about Love & Marriage Huntsville and the shows that I produce, I follow the reality, right? I follow what my cast members are willing to give. I’m not the type of producer who goes behind my cast members’ backs and reveals somebody they had no idea was going to appear,” he said. “I don’t operate that way. No shade to those who do. That’s just not my blueprint.”

King says it has to be an agreement between not only Curry, but also the other parties involved, i.e. the Holts. “My answer to that is it would have to be something that the collective would want to do. You know? Then it’s a conversation. For example, Maurice’s ex-wife Kiuwha [Scott-Bonds]. There was a conversation about her being on the show. Like several conversations about that. And to Kiuwha’s credit, she agreed to do it because she wanted to share her side of the story. Maurice wanted it to happen and Kimmi wanted it to happen. So that’s the way I operate. It has to be the collective agreeing to it because I’m not here to disrespect anybody.”

Carlos King says he was stunned to discover Martell Holt’s affair

Despite filming the show for the past three seasons, King says that upon meeting and working with the Holt’s they appeared to be inseparable. “I had no idea when I first met them that they had any marital problems, zero” King told Dustin Ross in an interview chat, per The Insider. “When I say to you, Martell was so enamored with Melody, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, she got this man whipped right here.’”

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Unfortunately, King bore witness to Martell being unable to discontinue the affair for the sake of his family. He says he hopes Martell’s pitfalls are a lesson for other men in the world. “At one point in time, he truly tried to make things right,” King insists. “I think what everyone is witnessing is what happens when a man continuously makes a mistake and his wife is just fed up…I hope a lot of husbands and boyfriends watch what he has experienced and they check themselves and say, ‘Maybe I need to do right by my wife and my situation so that I won’t end up like this.’”

Melody Holt refuses to allow Arionne Curry on the show

Both Martell and Melody are co-creators and executive producers on the show. While they don’t have hiring or firing power, they do have some say regarding the narrative portrayed. Though Curry has never appeared on the show, one of her phone calls with Martell was featured on the show. She’s also never been mentioned by name. According to producers, Curry has opted not to appear on the show, which Curry denies.

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As for Melody, she previously told Funky Dineva that there’s no reason why Curry should appear on the show, despite her being part of the central storyline. “I will say this, the Oprah Winfrey Network is 76 percent African American female viewers. I think the network makes decisions that they feel is best for their show,” Melody said. 

When asked if she would be OK with Curry appearing on the show if executives want her, she snapped back. “Why would I?” Melody says viewers have to understand that Curry was not initially part of her storyline and therefore shouldn’t be on the show.