‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Melody and Martell’s Mistress Clash Over Family Vacation Saga

After their marriage fell apart with reality TV fans watching, it seems like Martell and Melody Holt are in a better space. Melody reportedly opted not to film with or speak to Martell following a contentious Season 3 reunion special which detailed Martell’s long-term affair with Arionne Curry. The Holts took a family vacation recently, and Martell’s child he shares with Curry was not present. Melody and Curry have differing views about why the child was not present. Despite the recent vacation, Melody insists she and Martell have not reconciled. 

Martell and Melody Holt attend Trumpet Awards; Melody and Martell's mistress recently clashed over a family vacation Martell attended with his children and ex
Melody and Martell Holt | Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Bounce Trumpet Awards

Martell recently accompanied Melody and their four children on a family vacation

Urban Belle Mag reports that after months of not speaking or filming together, Melody and Martell have seemingly put their personal differences aside to co-parent effectively. Things are apparently so good between the former couple that Martell accompanied Melody and their four children on a family vacation in Destin, Flordia. Melody previously revealed that it’s a vacation spot they traveled to every year with their children when they were married.

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Social media users who follow Melody were stunned to see them all together in a vacation rental home on Melody’s Instagram Live. Their son Martell Jr., aka Tank, is who Melody says went live on her Instagram to share special moments.

In the video, Martell tries to put out a smoke detector as their children prepare breakfast. Some fans were not happy about the blended family back together again and questioned why Melody would allow Martell in such an intimate space with her and their children together after all of the drama that has unfolded publicly over the years. 

Arionne Curry explains why her son was not with his siblings and father on the Holt family vacation

Curry addressed her son’s absence on an Instagram Live, shared by YouTube channel Empress. She first clapped back at followers who questioned her relationship status with Martell, noting she is single and lives alone with her two children. “Y’all know he don’t live with me. I don’t live with him. Y’all be so pressed for a n—a, it’s sad. Whole time he probably want you more than you want him,” she added, hinting that Martell continues to contact her about being with her.

Source: YouTube

When one follower asked Curry why her and Martell’s son wasn’t on the vacation, she insists he was invited but she opted not to allow him to attend because of the reality show being filmed.

“Y’all if they weren’t filming, I would have sent my son on vacation,” she said. “I would have y’all, I promise I would have. Y’all wouldn’t see my son. But I would have sent him if they weren’t filming.”

Melody disputes Arionne Curry’s statement

The Seventh Avenue Skin Care Line owner says Curry has things twisted. In response to Curry’s Instagram Live comment, Melody cleared things up with a fan on her Facebook page. “No ma’am. This was my trip I was planning for my kids and I only, and I offered a courtesy to Martell that he could attend, along with his mother. No mention or discussion of any extra parties,” she wrote, as reported by Empress.

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