‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Melody Holt Confirms Estranged Husband, Martell, Has a Baby on the Way With His Longterm Mistress

Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Melody Holt is divorcing her husband Martell, but she claims Martell is having trouble moving on. Their marital issues have played out on the OWN reality series, including the issue of Martell’s longtime mistress. After months of speculation, Melody is confirming that Martell and his mistress are expecting a child together.

Melody Holt and Martell Holt
Melody Holt and Martell Holt | Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Bounce Trumpet Awards

Rumors surface that Martell Holt’s longterm mistress, Arionne Curry, is pregnant with his child

Love & Marriage: Huntsville viewers are familiar with Martell’s infidelity. He admits to a five-year affair with Curry, continuing with the relationship despite his claims of attempting to salvage his marriage to Melody.

Melody and Martell split multiple times due to his affair with Curry but always reconciled. Melody filed for divorce in April 2020, seeking to end their 12-year marriage.

In a recent video from popular YouTube vlogger Tasha K, the vlogger alleges multiple sources confirm Curry is expecting Martell’s fifth child. The baby will be Curry and Martell’s first child together.

“A side baby is confirmed,” Tasha K says in the video. “Arionne is pregnant and due in December this year — and she’s having a baby boy.” Despite Tasha K alleging to have rock-solid proof, Curry has reportedly been denying the pregnancy through her communication with the blogs.

Source: YouTube

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According to All About the Tea, Curry’s decision to remain mum about the pregnancy is due to the constant scrutiny she faces from the media and fans of the show due to her ongoing relationship with Martell and the stress associated with it.

“Despite Arionne’s pregnancy, she and Martell are not getting along,” the source tells the site. “And she’s been depressed over the pregnancy and all the drama the show has brought into her life.”

Curry denying the reports about her pregnancy did not stop her from posting hints on social media. Several blogs caught screenshots of Curry posting then deleting a cryptic message about a baby carriage to her Instagram story.

Melody Holt confirms Arionne Curry is pregnant with Martell Holt’s child amid her divorce proceedings

Neither Melody nor Martell commented on the rumors about Curry’s pregnancy. But now, Melody is speaking out and she’s not holding anything back. It all started with Martell taking to social media to suggest that he’s having trouble co-parenting with Melody.

“When it’s your “ex’s” time to get the kids and they’re no show,” Martell writes in a recent post to his Instagram story, along with the hashtag #rolechange and an accompanying clown face emoji.

Melody isn’t taking Martell’s diss lightly. She went live on Instagram to give her side of the story, alleging that Martell made it difficult for her to retrieve her belongings from their marital home while visiting Alabama. 

Source: Instagram

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She currently lives in Atlanta where’s she been since filing for divorce. She claims Martell is bitter that she won’t take him back and calls him out for having a baby with Curry during their marriage.

“It seem like he would leave and keep it moving and bow out anyway because I left you, I filed for divorce and you told me you had a baby on the way,” she says of Martell, per Madame Noire. “You told me you had a baby on the way and she wasn’t getting rid of it because she’s gotten rid of kids for y’all before and she wasn’t doing it this time. So why are you even bothering me. So I’m asking you now, just leave me alone.”

In a previous interview with Tasha K, Curry admits to terminating previous pregnancies with Martell due to him being married.

If Curry’s due date is true, this means that she and Melody’s youngest daughter will be a year apart. Melody and Martell welcomed their fourth child in December 2019.