‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Melody Holt Discovered Martell’s Affair a Week Before Shooting the Pilot Episode

Melody Holt has been open about the infidelity she experienced in her marriage. The Love & Marriage: Huntsville star says she was blindsided by Martell’s affair with his long-term mistress. During a recent episode, Melody revealed learning of Martell’s continued cheating a week before shooting the pilot episode. 

Martell and Melody Holt
Martell and Melody Holt | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The initial concept of the show was about three couples rebuilding North Huntsville

Melody and Martell pitched the idea of a show to reality television producer Carlos King in 2016. The idea for the show was centered around the couple remodeling homes through their company Holt & Holt Custom Homes. 

King loved the couple but didn’t feel the show’s concept was in his realm of expertise. Coming from producing shows around ensemble casts, King asked Melody and Martell if they had friends in a similar industry who would participate.

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The Holts introduced King to two other couples they were friends and business partners of. Marsau and LaTisha Scott, as well as Maurice and Kimmie Scott, were close friends of the Holts. Producers loved the chemistry of the three couples. 

Once producers discovered that the three couples had a business: The Comeback Group. The business focused on the couples working to revitalize an area of Huntsville, Alabama through real estate development. King felt it would be the perfect angle for the show.

At the time, The Comeback Group was in limbo as the couples had creative differences. King hoped that the show would chronicle the return of The Comeback Group.

A sizzle was shot and pitched to OWN. From there, OWN ordered a pilot episode. 

Melody Holt’s discovery of Martell’s affair changed the trajectory of the show

During a behind-the-scenes episode of the show, King revealed that a week before shooting the pilot, he received a call from Melody explaining that she’d discovered Martell was unfaithful. As a result, Melody didn’t want to move forward with shooting the pilot.

Melody previously admitting to learning of Martell’s infidelity a year before filming began. However, his continuing the affair was news to her. 

“I said, ‘I’m not doing the show, I’m not.'” Melody explained in the episode. “It was very devastating to me because I thought that infidelity was something we’d gone through, had gotten done and over, and we’re good.”

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But King didn’t want to give up as they were so close to getting a green light on the show.

“We prayed about it and I said to Melody ‘Shoot the pilot, be your authentic self. If the show gets picked up, then we will figure out how we are representing the authenticity of you and Martell and I will hold your hand throughout this entire process,’” King said,

Melody agreed. She shocked the cast and production during the pilot episode when she brought up infidelity during a dinner scene. Melody’s revelation made King realize the show would be more about the cast’s personal lives rather than their business.

The Holts have since divorced

Despite moving forward with their show and giving their marriage a shot after Martell’s indiscretions, Martell did not stop cheating. His affair lasted well over five years, with Meldy explaining she gave Martell three years to get his act together.

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Melody says she left Martell for good in April 2020 and a month later was told by Martell that his mistress was pregnant with his child. Their divorce was finalized in March 2021. Their shared businesses were dissolved in the divorce process.

Martell admitted during the behind-the-scenes episode that he did not believe his infidelity would play out on television. Season 3 of the show is gearing up for production and will chronicle the Holts living separately and co-parenting.