‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Melody Explains Why She’s Afraid to Date After Divorce From Martell

Having marital woes play out on reality television can be a lot. But Melody Holt, now known as Melody Shari, is proof that one can still shine after a brutal divorce. The Love & Marriage: Huntsville star has showcased the highs and lows of her split from Martell on the OWN series and is now basking in being single. With that in mind, Melody is in no rush to date and or jump into a serious relationship. 

Melody Holt poses for photo with her now ex-husband, Martell
Martell and Melody Holt 2019 | Prince Williams/WireImage

Melody says she has to make sure she does not get attached to the wrong person

The ink is barely dry on Melody’s divorce but fans want to know when she’s getting back out on the dating scene. Per her social media stories and some gossip on the show proves she has been on a few dates. But she insists it’s nothing serious. 

“Honestly, I am afraid to date,” she told People Magazine. “It’s so important to make sure that who you’re attached to, they are where they need to be spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

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The mother of four has a full plate. And with her singing career booming, a new skin care line, and her still being in real estate, Melody says she has to be careful that whoever she dates is good for her.

“I have so many great things that are happening for me right now that I’m afraid to risk that,” she added. “I’m afraid to risk the blessings that God has given to me because I get attached to the wrong person. I’m just going to stay over here, solo, focused on my career, focused on my children, until God says otherwise.”

What she’s looking for in a partner

Though Melody is not looking for love, that doesn’t mean she’s not welcome to accept it if the right man comes into her life. But, there’s a checklist her potential mate must meet. And Melody isn’t looking to be a help mate.

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“Don’t try to talk to me about your financial goals. I’m going to tell you [to] go see an accountant,” she said firmly. “That’s what an expert is there for. Don’t try to have a therapy session with me until you see your therapist. That’s what a therapist is for.”

Learning from her previous relationship, she understands the importance of two people coming together who are already full people and established. “So many times, we get in relationships and we’re trying to pull, pull, pull from the person we’re with. And as women we tend to be the people that [are] giving, giving, giving, giving. I’m not doing that,” she continued. “There are experts for everything. When we are together, we’re going to have fun, enjoy, hang out. [I’m] not about to be your therapist, your accountant, your pastor, your financial advisor, your problem solver. No ma’am. That’s not my role.”

She previously explained why she’d never give Martell another chance

While she’s single and mingling, fans are always wondering whether the Holts will give their love another chance. Melody says that’s out of the question. In an interview with Married to Medicine star Dr. Heavenly Kimes, she said people should stop asking that question.

“That’s not anything I’m interested in, I would never be interested in,” she said. “I literally would die alone before I’d ever be with Martell. And I don’t say that…I don’t want you to think I’m trying to be mean about it but it’s the honest to God truth.”

She told People Magazine that just because she’s single, doesn’t mean she’s yearning for anything. “I think that sometimes people try to make us feel like alone means lonely,” the 36-year-old said. “That’s not the case. I wake up happy. Every day I wake up, I’m smiling. I’m ready to get the day going. I feel amazing. And I don’t want to risk that feeling.”

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