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Martell Holt of Love & Marriage: Huntsville recently opened up about the connection he shared with his longtime mistress, Arionne Curry. The two had a five-year affair, which resulted in Curry having a child by Martell during his marriage to Melody. Many wonder now that Martell and Melody are divorced, why Martell is not exclusive with Curry after risking his family for her for so many years. But Martell says it’s not that simple. He refused to answer whether he would have married Curry if he met her before Melody. Now, a producer on the show is weighing in.

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Martell Holt refuses to answer the tough questions about his mistress

Melody says she discovered Martell’s affair two years after it began. She decided to work on the marriage in hopes that the affair would stop, but it continued. During the reunion special, Martell was grilled on why he didn’t discontinue the affair. He says he tried to “pray” his cheating away, but couldn’t get it out of his system.

When the host asked about Martell’s attraction to Curry, Martell says it was more than just physical, it was emotional. The conversation became tense when Carlos King, the reunion host, likened Curry to an entire restaurant that Martell couldn’t stay away from. The analogy came from a popular YouTube blogger who referred to Curry as a side to an entree.

Source: YouTube

“I think she’s the whole damn restaurant,” King said of the Curry. “You visit her during opening hours, after hours, she’s the dessert, she’s the entree. I think she’s everything to you. And I think that you tried to diminish her by calling her a peasant because you did not want to accept the reality that you love this woman. So my question is if you had met her before Melody, do you think you and this woman would be married?”

After a long pause, one of Martell’s co-star’s answered no on his behalf. But Martell informed King that he preferred not to answer at all.

Carlos King says he was surprised by Martell Holt’s refusal

In an interview with The Jasmine Brand, King, who is also an executive producer, spoke on his internal reaction to Martell’s answer, or lack thereof, regarding Curry. King didn’t expect the response he received from Martell.

“I knew that I wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty of the history of he and Melody’s marriage, but also the history of his relationship with the other woman,” he said. “And I knew that he trusted me and felt comfortable telling me things. So when I say to you that I literally allow myself to be present and allow myself to feed off of what was given to me from the cast, in this case, Martell. So going back to me hosting, I don’t think any other host could have extracted that out of him, at least to the point where he was so worried about his truth, that instead of lying, he just decided to not answer the question.”

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King is not upset with Martell for not answering. He says he preferred Martell’s strategy versus him making something up. During the reunion, King also told Martell that he believes he tried hard to stop seeing his mistress but wasn’t honest with himself about his true feelings for Curry.

“Honestly, I can appreciate that in a sense,” King admits in the interview. “I can appreciate you saying, ‘I’m so comfortable answering the question that I don’t want to answer it.’ I prefer that versus saying the lie for the sake of the lie sounding good…but I had no idea that he was not going to answer the question. And I had no idea that his fellow cast members would answer it for him.”

Melody Holt says she ended her marriage because of Martell Holt’s immaturity

Despite the pain and embarrassment of Martell’s cheating, Melody says she tried her hardest to make her marriage work. But after three years of Martell continuing on with his affair and Melody continuing to find out, she had enough. She recalled one conversation that was the turning point for her. She told King at the reunion:

Source: YouTube

‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Melody Holt Discovered Martell’s Affair a Week Before Shooting the Pilot Episode

There were certain things Martell started saying that wasn’t adding up such as I was going to learn to accept him cheating. And I need to talk to the older women and I said, ‘Well Martell, maybe you need to talk to the older men.’ He was like, ‘I have, I have.’ And I asked what did they tell him. He was like, ‘Honestly, they said don’t mess with nobody that ain’t got nothing to lose, make her sign a contract…’ And hearing him say this…I said he hasn’t changed or grown up at all, he’s figuring out how to do it better, he’s figuring out how to be deceptive better. And that’s when I decided to leave.

A month after she left, Melody says Martell revealed that his mistress was pregnant. Their son was born one year after Melody and Martell’s youngest child.