‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Confirms Pregnancy

Viewers of the OWN reality television series Love & Marriage: Huntsville have been entertained with drama since the show aired in 2019. Most of the mess has centered around Martell and Melody Holt’s rollercoaster marriage due to his long-term mistress Arionne Curry – and their subsequent divorce. The fallout of the friendship between the Holts and Marsau and LaTisha Scott has also been a major storyline. But fans have something new to focus on as Louis and Tiffany Whitlow have announced they are having their first child together.

Melody Shari and Tiffany Whitlow of Love and Marriage Huntsville; Whitlow confirmed her pregnancy
Melody Shari and Tiffany Whitlow of Love and Marriage Huntsville; Whitlow confirmed her pregnancy

The blended family have been discussing having a baby together for some time now. And their dream has come to fruition. 

The couple previously disagreed on expanding their family

Tiffany and Louis are already parents to teenage sons they both had in previous marriages. She surprised Louis with a wedding on his 40th birthday in 2020. Two years prior, he proposed to Tiffany on her birthday. Their wedding was covered by a local news station and took place at Toyota Field.

Source: YouTube

“We have been talking about getting married,” Tiffany told the outlet. “So marriage has just been an afterthought.” She chose the baseball stadium in Alabama because of Louis’ love of the sport. ​​“His passion for the game of baseball is really just making sure that the athletes are prepared on and off the field for life,” she added. “So I said hmmm, our life can happen on the field — [I] pitched the idea and it worked!”

After two years of marriage, Tiffany began conversations about wanting to have a child together. Though she admitted they agreed on not having children previously. Louis had reservations, complaining that Tiffany is a workaholic. Whenever she’d broach the subject, things would get intense.

Stars confirm pregnancy

After a few months of silence, Huntsville Magazine confirmed that the Whitlows are expecting. In an Instagram post, the announcement read: “Sweet Baby Whitlow! Guess who’s expecting? Yes, the gorgeous Tiffany Whitlow (@tiffanywhitlow_) and her husband Louis Whitlow (@louwhit24) of @loveandmarriagehuntsville!”

Source: YouTube

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Huntsville Magazine added: “In an exclusive chat with Huntsville Magazine, the Madison-based couple is proud to announce they are officially expecting! The blended family of four is about to become five.”

Tiffany also responded to the announcement, writing in the comment section: “ Thank you! New beginnings seem to be a theme today! Which is I why I chose @huntsvillemagazine to announce a new addition to our family. It was important to me that someone told our story who is authentic, growing with Huntsville and true to our cities special culture. My dream in telling our story is that it can impact the lives of others considering parenthood or ways to balance work while prioritizing family, all in the true spirit of Huntsville!”

Their pregnancy should play out in Season 5

The series has already been renewed for s fifth season. All cast members, including the Whitlows, are expected to return. While they have been more of sub-characters and not main ones, they may have a larger storyline due to the recent news. Fans will have to wait until 2023 to see!