‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Martell Holt Apologizes For Calling His Mistress a “Peasant”

Love & Marriage: Huntsville is back and has already been a trending topic on Twitter. Viewers are most invested in the marriage of Melody and Martell Holt, who have been open about their marital struggles that have intensified as a result of Martell’s infidelity. Last season, Martell called his mistress a peasant. He is now apologetic for his previous statement. 

Martell and Melody Holt
Martell and Melody Holt via Twitter

Martell Holt called his mistress a peasant

Martell and Melody opened up about the infidelity in their marriage early on in the debut season of Love & Marriage: Huntsville. At the time of the show’s premiere, the Holts were married for nearly 10 years. Melody discovered that Martell had been unfaith and carrying on a multiyear affair during year nine of their marriage.

During one of Martell’s therapy sessions, he spoke of what led him to cheat, which he attributed to Melody’s busy schedule, claiming she did not spend much time with him and was not pleasing him sexually in the manner that he wanted. Even after Melody found out about his mistress, Martell continued communicating with her, which led to Melody and Martell separating for a period of time.

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When asked to describe his mistress, Martell referred to her as “low class” and a “peasant.” His mistress later shot back on social media with screenshots of text messages and a call log, alleging that Martell was still trying to communicate with her.

Martell Holt apologizes for past remarks he made about his mistress

Fans of the show were disgusted with Martell for calling his mistress a peasant, specifically because his relationship with the woman in question lasted for so long. Martell addressed the backlash during the Love & Marriage: Huntsville reunion special, doubling down on his previous comments and explaining why she “deserved” the label.

“I’m married, I’ve got a beautiful wife. I know I’ve done wrong, but what else am I supposed to call somebody that I was seeing on the side,” Martell asked. “We did certain things together and she knew I was married – I mean I know I stepped out but she knew I was married too. She owned up to being a side chick, so if any side chicks out there, if your dude call you any name, run with it.”

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Melody had no remorse over her husband’s categorization of the other woman, explaining that both the woman and Martell were inappropriate and contributed to the issue.

On the season premiere of Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s second season, Martell once again explained that calling his mistress a peasant was justified after the woman began speaking out on social media and in interviews about their relationship. He also refused to discuss her with producers during his confessionals.

Since the premiere, the backlash against Martell continued. He’s now changing his tune about his mistress, offering an apology to the woman in a series of videos he posted to his Instagram story.

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“One of the things that is continuously bothering me that I stooped low in my own conscious to call someone, a woman, a peasant. So, I’m gonna retract that. I’m gonna take that back,” he began. “Shame on me for doing such a thing. I feel that that was an all-time low for me and me being a man to say something like that. I view all women as queens. I really do.”

The woman has not responded to Martell’s apology but she did take to social media to clear up rumors that she was contacted to appear on the show to give her side of the story. According to her, she was never contacted by production.

A source did reveal that she is willing and ready to share her story on camera. She previously told YouTuber Tasha K that Martell informed her that Melody would block any potential appearance of her on the show, as both Melody and Martell are executive producers of the series.