‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s:’ Melody Holt, Files for Divorce From Martell Amid Hints of Separation

Love & Marriage: Huntsville star, Melody Holt, filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years after months of rumors of separation. Fans of the show have encouraged Melody to leave Martell once and for all following his multi-year affair with his reported mistress.  

Melody Holt
Melody Holt via Twitter

Melody Holt files for divorce from Martell and moved to Atlanta from Huntsville

Fans have speculated that Melody left Martell after years of dealing with the fallout of his infidelity. Melody and Martell have thrown subtle jabs at one another on Instagram. When Martell asked Melody for a divorce, fans continued speculating on their marital state.

Their drama allegedly became so intense Melody left their home in Huntsville for a new life in Georgia with their four children. The two are not currently following each other on social media and Melody has not been wearing her wedding ring. Melody and Martell have also erased all images of one another from their Instagram pages.

When Showbiz spoke with Melody in a July 2020 interview, she would not confirm if she’d left Martell, but did hint that their relationship has changed.

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Martell and Melody Holt
Martell and Melody Holt via Twitter

According to the official divorce paperwork obtained by Bossip, Melody filed paperwork in June 2020, citing their official separation date as April 2020. She confirmed in the divorce documents that she has moved to Atlanta and that she and Martell have worked out a parenting plan, including communication from the two states to share equal custody with the children.

Melody is requesting that she nor Martell pay the other child support. She is also requesting they both should share joint physical and legal custody of their kids. She wants a judge to divide their marital assets. As for their home in Huntsville, the Holts have already agreed to sell the home, listing it for $1 million.

The complaint also reveals that Melody listed the reason for her filing, citing an “irretrievable breakdown” of her marriage with no chance of reconciliation.

This is the first time Melody Holt has filed for separation or divorce from Martel since their marital issues began

The Holts have split several times since Love & Marriage: Huntsville premiered. Melody shared with Showbiz that she moved out of their marital home and into a place of her own for six months after learning of Martell’s affair. 

“We never legally separated and I allowed him to come back pretty early. To be honest, he practically moved in with us after just a few months of separation. I let his promises sway me. I would have definitely taken my time,” she said. 

The Holt family
The Holt family via Twitter

Melody and Martell reconciled and with Martell enrolled in therapy. But, the communication with his mistress continued. Melody learned that Martell was still in contact with his other woman upon discovering that she was pregnant with their fourth child. The couple split again, with Melody focusing on having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

“My pregnancy with Malani was an absolute blessing. I say that she’s God’s special blessing to me because she became that big ray of sunshine that I needed in the midst of a storm,” she said.

The Holts appeared to be on the path to reconciliation again after the birth of their daughter. The former couple introduced their baby girl to fans in an official YouTube video but split shortly after.