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Martell and Melody Holt touted themselves as a power couple on Love & Marriage: Huntsville but their family dynasty appears to be over. After trying to save their marriage following Martell’s affair and his mistress speaking out about their relationship, fans of the show have questioned if Melody would leave her cheating husband for good. From the looks of Melody’s social media and a recent Q&A with fans, Melody may be a single woman.

Melody and Martell Holt
Melody and Martell Holt via Twitter

Martell and Melody Holt’s marital issues have played out on ‘Love & Marriage Hunstville’

Martell and Melody’s picture-perfect relationship proved to be anything but early on during the first season of Love & Marriage Hunstville. The successful business owners revealed that their marriage was wrecked by infidelity, courtesy of Martell having a five-year affair with another woman.

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The two fought to keep their marriage together, even attending couples counseling. Martell accused Melody of being too focused on her career and individual success and neglecting his needs as a husband; while Melody felt that Martell was too needy and self-absorbed.

Still, the two insisted that they wanted to try to keep their family together. Melody said that she could move forward if Martell changed his selfish ways and cut off all contact with his mistress.

Melody Holt seemingly confirms her split from Martell Holt with fan question and answer session on Instagram

The Holts have split up several times throughout the past few years. At one point, Melody moved out of their shared home and into an apartment with their children for six months before ultimately deciding to reconcile.

Shortly after their 10-year wedding anniversary, Melody discovered that Martell was still in communication with his mistress and they separated again, only to reconcile when Melody discovered that she was pregnant with their fourth child.

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But, it appears that Melody may have reached her breaking point. The reality star has removed all photos with Martell from her Instagram account and has not been wearing her wedding ring. She also reportedly no longer follows him.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Martell revealed that Melody left him with their children after he allegedly requested a divorce and that she keep their kids away from him for two weeks. He’s also been posting cryptic messages to his social media that fans believe are aimed at Melody.

One of Melody’s latest Instagram videos is a TikTok video of her impersonating a Barbie doll who references the Ken doll leaving her for a Bratz doll. Bratz dolls are considered to be ugly. Fans took the video as a hint that Martell has rekindled his relationship with his mistress and that Melody has moved on.
Source: Instagram

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One fan noted that Melody seems happier and is “glowing” since her alleged split from Martell. Melody responded with an eye wink emoji. When asked outright if she and Martell split, Melody responded that fans should know the answer from her social media, which is wiped clean of her alleged estranged husband.

“The answer to this is no secret. You guys unfortunately haven’t gotten the truth on what really happened,” she said in an Instagram story. “But no worries, you’ll know soon. And no, it doesn’t deal with just ONE person.”

With the exception of promotional photos for the show, Martell has also removed all photos of him with Melody and is said to currently be with his mistress, Arionne Curry. Season 2 of Love & Marriage: Huntsville is set to air July 11 on OWN.