‘Love Off the Grid’: Meet the Season 1 Cast of the Breakout Discovery+ Show Created by the Producers of ’90 Day Fiancé’

Reality TV is an endless world of possibilities as we continue to see spinoffs, remixes, and retellings of familiar scenarios. Fans of reality dating shows see familiar themes in the new discovery+ series Love Off the Grid. The producers of 90 Day Fiancé bring their signature knack for finding drama in individuals’ love lives, but they’ve added a new twist in this series. Let’s look at the cast for Season 1 of Love Off the Grid

‘Love Off the Grid’ explores couples at odds over lifestyles

Much like 90 Day Fiancé, Love Off the Grid follows the format of filming people who’ve already connected offscreen. Unlike popular series like The Bachelor and its spinoffs, Love Off the Grid doesn’t try to help strangers find love. 

Love Off the Grid participants struggle to make their relationships work because of a specific problem: One-half of the potentially perfect duo chooses to live in remote wildernesses, like the unbearably hot desert or remote mountains. They sometimes go without amenities like plumbing or electricity. 

The show follows each couple as they decide whether their relationship can overcome the unconventional living arrangements. As the network reports, Love Off the Grid premiered on discovery+ on January 30, 2021. It promises to follow “four people accustomed to modern amenities who give it all up for a chance at true love.”

Jen and Charlie

Charlie speaks with Jen while filming Discovery+ reality show 'Love Off the Grid'
Love Off the Grid cast member, Charlie, speaks with his girlfriend, Jen | discovery+ via Youtube

Jen and Charlie (who is 50) found romance decades ago but went their separate ways. In fact, Taylor remembers her departure as a dramatic one. “I packed my stuff and drove out of the yard with him standing in the road,” the 47-year-old recalls, according to Pop Culture. A lot has changed since then.

Jen went on to marry someone else and have four sons in Florida. Now, the divorcee has reignited the spark with Charlie that never really died. Jen is not thrilled with the idea of joining the 50-year-old in his remote North Carolina cabin on Stone Mountain. Botox-loving Jen is far removed from modern luxuries and misses her sons. Can they make it work?

Joe and Myesha

Joseph lives an isolated life on a secluded farm in Centre, Alabama. Myesha’s never “lived off the matrix,” as The Things reports. But their relationship is being put to the test in many ways. New Country reports that the 31-year-old lives “as far away from people as [he] possibly can.”

As Myesha learns to raise goats and construct a home on their large piece of land, the couple makes the unconventional choice of bringing another woman into the mix. These polyamorous tent-dwellers promise to make for entertaining viewing. 

Spence and Lyndsay 

Can a Tinder relationship become the real deal? Spence, who’s 27 years old, and Lyndsay met on the dating app during a Colorado road trip. Now Lyndsay is trying to set aside her expectations of creature comforts to live in Spence’s cabin outside of Grand Junction, Colorado.

The 32-year-old fears the property won’t hold up to the weather and that coyotes will nab their five dogs. Can she overcome these anxieties to make it work? Only time will tell.

Angela and Josh

While the other three couples feature a man who is off the grid and a woman who hopes for more comfort, Angela and Josh flip the script. The pair braves the Arizona desert without air conditioning, and 27-year-old Josh is not sure he can take the heat. Not only does the couple face vastly different lifestyle experiences, but they also have a 30-year age difference.

An early episode shows the 57-year-old Yucca, Arizona native schooling Josh in water conservation: “It’s really important to conserve water on the ranch because the more water I have to haul, the more gas I have to use and the more wear and tear on my truck,” Angela explains. “So we try not to use the water.”

Watch ‘Love Off the Grid’ on discovery+ to see which couples make it work

Living off the grid is never easy. However, when one person is not fully invested in the lifestyle, it’s even tougher. Love Off the Grid promises all the usual dramas of a reality dating show with the added pressures of clashing lifestyles. See which couples can stick it out and which ones will call it quits. 

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