‘Love on the Spectrum’: How to Follow Michael, Chloe, and the Other Cast Members on Social Media

Netflix has put out yet another hit reality television series, this time with Love on the Spectrum. The Australian documentary follows the lives of young adults on the autism spectrum as they try to figure out dating, romance, and relationships. 

There are five episodes in the first season and six episodes in the second season, both currently available on Netflix. Viewers can’t get enough of the feel-good show and are hoping for more episodes, or better yet, Michael to get his own spin-off series.

A third season is not yet confirmed, so in the meantime, we have everything you need to know to stay connected on social media with your favorite cast members.


Everyone loves Michael and, according to Screen Rant, “he is the most followed out of all the cast,” with 37.9 thousand followers on Instagram.

Looking for a lasting relationship, Michael has appeared in both seasons of Love on the Spectrum. His keen fashion sense, passion for Gilligan’s Island, and undeniable charm make him irresistible.

Although the breakout star didn’t find his future wife, he did learn a lot from being on the show. Digital Spy reported he is now using a dating app and has big dreams for the future that include being a husband and becoming independently wealthy.

According to IMDb, Michael recently appeared in the television series Hardball, playing the role of a maintenance worker. Michael is on Instagram @mr_a_plus_michael.


Fans of Love on the Spectrum enjoyed watching Mark in season 1 experience his first date with Maddi, even though they ended up being friends instead of lovers. He made a noble effort with Chloe in season 2, but their relationship also remained platonic.

The 29-year-old reality star lives with his parents in New South Wales, Australia. According to CelebSaga, social media became overwhelming for Mark, so he enlisted his parents to manage his account. Eventually, it became too much, and he is no longer active on Instagram.


One of the new cast members in season 2 of Love on the Spectrum is Kassandra. The avid cosplayer loves to act, dance, and sing. Fans loved following Kassandra as she coped with anxiety before going on her dates.

According to Screen Rant, the 28-year-old teacher is thriving and “loves donning costumes, as doing so allows her to take on the emotions, experiences, and strengths of well-known characters.”


Ronan is also a new cast member in season 2. The 21-year-old is excited about starting dating and loves to dance, especially with his new friend Katie. He now works at a racetrack and remains confident that he will find the right person. He is not currently active on social media.


Chloe has appeared in both seasons of Love on the Spectrum. The 22-year-old self-described badass pansexual icon states on her Instagram header, “I’m Autistic, deaf and can’t speak properly, the whole package.”

In the first season, the 22-year-old dated Marcus and Lotus, and in the second season, she gave Mark a chance. All of the dates ended in friendship instead of a romantic relationship.

Screen Rant reports Chloe has remained friends with most of the cast members and spends her time working on anime and cosplay designs. She recently joined Cameo and is recording five-minute video calls for inquiring fans.


Joining the cast of season 2 is Teo. The 22-year-old is excited to explore dating, particularly with people of different genders, to decide on her preference. Before the show, she had never been on a date, so fans enjoyed watching her journey.

While Teo connected with Rosie during filming, the couple agreed to be friends by the end of the season.  

Sharnae & Jimmy

Sharnae met the man of her dreams on the Netflix docuseries. Jimmy proposed to her in season 1, and during the second season, the couple got married.

According to Screen Rant, their relationship is the “emotional backbone” of Love on the Spectrum. Now that filming is over, they are enjoying being together, and their connection is stronger than ever.

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