‘Love & Hip Hop’: Moniece Slaughter Talks Relationships With Shaq and Shemar Moore; Says Fizz Doesn’t Pay Child Support

Moniece Slaughter is never one to mince her words, especially when it comes to co-parenting struggles with her ex, Fizz. The Love & Hip Hop star is blasting Fizz for what she says is unfair treatment, alleging for the first time in a new interview that he does not pay child support.

Moniece Slaughter
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Slaughter is also opening up about her relationships, including speculation about her relationship with Shemar Moore and her year-long affair with NBA star Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal.

Moniece Slaughter blasts Fizz about child support

Slaughter and Fizz’s rollercoaster co-parenting relationship is not new to Love & Hip Hop fans. While Slaughter credits Fizz with being a great dad, she accuses him of criticizing her parenting skills, using their son as a pawn at times, and treating her badly anytime he’s in a new relationship. 

She’s now taking aim at Fizz, alleging he does not and has never paid child support for their son. She makes the shocking allegations in a new interview with The Domenick Nati Show.

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“The father of my child is never going to tell the public that I’m actually a very unproblematic baby mama,” Slaughter says, “I don’t receive child support, I’ve never asked for it, I’ve never filed for it. I didn’t take him to court, he took me to court. My son is 10 going on 11 and I’ve received a 10 pack of diapers and $100 in all 10 years.”

At one point, Fizz had primary custody of their son while Slaughter worked to rebuild her life. They now split custody.

Moniece Slaughter opens up about her relationship with Shaq and how he offered to help with her custody battle

Fizz and Slaughter split a few months after the birth of her son. Since then, she’s had relationships or sexual encounters with other familiar faces, including R&B singer Tank and fellow Love & Hip Hop star Ray J.

But one of her most famous flings was with Shaq. Slaughter alleges the two were together for a year and that the relationship was primarily sexual.

“I enjoyed dating Shaq the most,” she gushes. The two met in 2011 or 2012, according to Slaughter. She says their relationship was full of passion. “That was a fun time in my life.”

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Slaughter says Shaq was helpful during her first few seasons of Love & Hip Hop and claims that he offered to assist her in gaining full custody of her son during custody issues between her and Fizz.  

“If I wanted to, I would have stayed with Shaq, taken my baby daddy to court, and got full custody but I didn’t,” she says. “Because that was something that I was offered while I was in that relationship and I chose not to.”

She says she broke things off with Shaq after asking him about infidelity.

Moniece Slaughter says Shemar Moore initially wanted a romantic relationship

Slaughter had fans guessing about the status of her relationship with Moore months ago when the two appeared together on Moore’s Instagram live. In the video, they were hugging and sharing compliments about one another but Slaughter says the two are just friends.

Speaking with Nati, Slaughter recalls the first time she met Moore.

“Shemar and I have never been romantically involved and it’s interesting how our friendship came about,” she says. The two met in 2011 through a mutual friend. Slaughter’s friend attended a house party of Moore’s and needed a ride home after a night of drinking, which Slaughter agreed to do.

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While talking to a friend she lost contact with at Moore’s house, Slaughter says Moore approached her.

“Somebody came up behind me and pulls my hair…put their hand over my eyes and I said something tot he effect of ‘Oh my God my weave is brand new, it hurts,’ – they let go of my hair but my eyes are still covered and they come to the front and they attempt to kiss me and I close my lips and I become combative,” she explains.

When she realized it was Moore, she became upset and left but they eventually became great friends.