‘Love Without Borders’ Bravo: Danna Richards Thought the Show Was a Scam – and Reveals Why She Took the Leap [Exclusive]

Danna Richards had some major reservations about jumping feet-first into the global matchmaking show Love Without Borders on Bravo.

 Love Without Borders will follow five singles who are willing to uproot their lives and leave everything behind for true passion, according to Bravo. Each of them will travel to an unknown overseas destination and be paired with their “perfect” life partner. The catch? The trip will come at a moment’s notice and they won’t be able to speak with — or even see a photo of — their match before leaving the states.

For Richards, making the bold move to leap was a tough decision.

‘Love Without Borders’ on Bravo gave Danna a new adventure

“This was huge,” Richards told Showbiz Cheat Sheet about diving into Love Without Borders on Bravo. “I mean, I’m not actually that adventurous, believe it or not. But I kept saying, one day I’ll go to that location and do this thing. And I just came to this point in my life where I realized I’m going to keep on saying that and never do anything in life.”

Brian Dilleen, Danna Richards from 'Love Without Borders' on Bravo
Brian Dilleen, Danna Richards| Bravo

Richards appeared to be someone who craved adventure because she traveled throughout the country while living in a Sprinter van. But she said Vanlife allowed her to still be an “introvert” while being able to travel.

“So I started doing Vanlife. It was where I can kind of be an introvert and homebody and travel at the same time because I bring my home with me,” she laughed. “And that really opened me up to adventure and new experiences and kind of just letting go. And I think that opened me up to taking such a big risk and going on this adventure.”

She initially thought ‘Love Without Borders’ was a scam

A Love Without Borders producer contacted Richards about being on the show, but she wasn’t receptive at first. “A casting producer reached out to me on Instagram and told me about the show. And I wasn’t interested at first. But I was curious,” she recalled. “So I kept chatting with her. I kind of thought it was a scam in the beginning. But she reassured me that we’re going to have a matchmaker, not just hook you up with somebody.”

“It’s not just like they throw you on an island and everyone’s hooking up with each other,” she added. “They really want the matches to be successful. And I feel like they really were putting genuine care into finding matches for people. So I was up for it.”

But she was still pretty leery. However, “What kind of made me feel better about the process was there were a lot of questions to fill out in the questionnaire. I spent five or six hours on this thing, really meticulously filling out what I want in a partner and just kind of painting my dream man on the page,” Richards shared. “It really made me feel good that they asked so many questions. And I feel like they were really trying to match me up with the right person.”

Danna went on ‘Love Without Borders’ to find love

Richards wouldn’t reveal if her connection with Brian ultimately worked out. But she went into it with pure intentions. “I genuinely went into it to find love,” she said. Richards chose the Bravo series over shows like The Bachelorette because she felt as though Bravo’s Love Without Borders was truly designed to help her find love.


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“The other shows are kind of more like whatever, we’ll just hook up,” she said. “And I took this seriously. I took this very seriously and really put my heart out there.”

Her advice on how to find love on reality TV? “I would say you have to really know who you are and be confident in that and know what you’re about,” she said. “Come into it with the right intentions and for the right reasons. And it’s not easy, but it’s so worth it and so exciting. And just being true, being genuine, and really putting your heart into the process.”

A special two-hour premiere of Love Without Borders is on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9 pm ET on Bravo.