‘LPBW’ Alum Audrey Roloff Is Getting Criticized by Fans for Not Social Distancing

On Monday, April 13, Audrey Roloff posted a series of photos of her and her family celebrating Easter.

“We loved celebrating resurrection Sunday yesterday❤️ He lives! All honor and power are His all glory forever amen, JESUS LIVES! He is our living hope. Drop a 🙌🏻 emoji in the comments below if you believe it too!” she captioned the Instagram post.

The fan response to Audrey Roloff’s Easter post

While the comments were filled with 🙌🏻emojis, there were also quite a few commenters criticizing Roloff for spending time with family she’s not specifically isolating with.

“I noticed a picture you took with your sister – aren’t there rules about social distancing and stay at home orders in Oregon right now? As an influencer I would have hoped that you would influence people to social distance. There are hundreds of thousands of people dying and here you are out enjoying and afternoon with your family,” wrote one Instagram user.

Audrey Roloff | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images
Audrey Roloff | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

“I agree. We all would have loved to dress up pretty and go visit our family. I’m not sure why some think it’s ok for them but not others,” commented another.

“finally someone said it. Disappointing to see @audreyroloff go against all the warnings and visit family. It’s not easy, but it’s essential. #stayhome” wrote another.

“it makes no sense. It’s so dangerous to hang out with others now. I’m missing my family so much and I didnt go see them and havent seen them for months, like many other people. Just do it online like everyone else…” commented another Instagram user.

One user asked the Little People, Big World alum why she started out obeying social distancing orders only to abandon them on Easter.

“looking back on her stories from yesterday it looks like their celebration wasn’t just outside, Ember was inside doing her painting and then they made the coffee drinks. The countertops are not in Jer and Auj’s house. @audreyroloff How are you exempt from the rules of social distancing?” they wrote. “I thought you and Jer were really cool people. You had stayed at home and did online video chats with people for a number of nights and then Easter comes and all that goes out the window so Ember can paint and you can have a coffee at your parents house and then you instagram that to over 1 million people.”

Some fans shared the sacrifices they’d been making in an effort to flatten the curve.

“I wondered that too. Definitely surprised. Cannot see my kids or grandkids now for a month. Miss them so much,” wrote one person.

“would have loved to see my parents who are in their late 70s and my mother in law who has cancer and it is the 1st Easter after my father in law passed away,” commented another.

“I haven’t seen my family for months and I would’ve loved to have seen then this weekend. But like many others were are not allowed to hang out with other people…” wrote another.

Roloff didn’t respond to the commenters on her post. But we’re sure fans will be keeping an eye on her social media to see if she’s sticking to isolating with her immediate family.

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