Is ‘Luca’ an LGBTQ Movie? How Similar Is It to ‘Call Me by Your Name’?

After watching Disney Pixar‘s Luca, viewers want to know if it is an LGBTQ movie? The similarities between the new animated film and Call Me By Your Name are abundant. So, why didn’t Disney and Pixar complete the love story they built between Luca Pagura (Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto Scorfano (Jack Dylan Grazer)?

Alberto and Luca eating ice cream in the Luca movie
Alberto and Luca | Disney/Pixar

‘Luca’ movie and ‘Call Me by Your Name’ similarities

The most apparent similarity between Luca and the 2017 coming-of-age romantic drama, Call Me by Your Name, is the picturesque Italian settings. Viewers believe that another nod to the first film is the name of the animated movie. Luca Guadagnino directed Call Me by Your Name. Coincidence? Many fans don’t think so. Luca is very similar to the LGBTQ movie from 2017.

Then we have the resemblance between the main characters and the overall vibe of the two films. Some viewers believe that Luca resembles Elio (Timothée Chalamet). At one point, Alberto touches Luca’s shoulder similar to the way that Oliver (Armie Hammer) did in Call Me by Your Name. Then there’s the train station at the end of both movies where the two boys go their separate ways. The similarities are abundantly clear. However, Luca and Alberto never kiss or develop an obvious romantic relationship.

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Is ‘Luca’ an LGBTQ Movie?

After the trailer for Luca dropped, Italian filmmaker Enrico Casarosa answered questions about the LGBTQ undertones of the new movie. However, every time reporters asked the director the question; he insisted that Luca was not an LGBTQ movie.

“I was really keen to talk about a friendship before girlfriends and boyfriends come in to complicate things,” Casarosa told an Entertainment Weekly reporter. “Even narratively, once Julia comes into the picture, and we looked at the structure of it, sometimes the story would pull you toward some puppy love or romance. To be completely honest, I really wanted to talk about friendship.”

The director insisted that the relationship between Luca and Alberto was about friendship, not love.

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The undertones in ‘Luca’ make a lasting impression

Although the director did not intend Luca to be an LGBTQ movie, many viewers believe that the message speaks to those in the LGBTQ community.

“The new Pixar movie, Luca, was so SO GOOD,” one fan tweeted. “I also see so many parallels w/ the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community and how we’re treated in society.”

Many fans felt that the boys went through the same experiences that those in the LGBTQ community face as adolescents. Luca thought that he had to hide a vital part of himself when he was on land. (He’s secretly a sea monster). Luckily, he met Alberto. His new friend helped him silence his inner critic. Alberto helped Luca tell his family about his desire to be a part of the human world.   

Whether the director intended it to be considered LGBTQ or not, Luca was a welcome addition to the big screen during Pride Month.