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Insiders on the set of Lucifer have shared some sneak peeks from behind the scenes. And based on the intel, it appears that production for season 5B is moving full steam ahead. With that in mind, here are three things to look forward to when Lucifer returns.

Tom Ellis and DB Woodside of 'Lucifer'
Tom Ellis and DB Woodside of ‘Lucifer’ | Robin L Marshall/FilmMagic

God will mix it up with Lucifer and the gang in Los Angeles

Entertainment Tonight popped by Lucifer’s production set to get the scoop on how the story will continue to unfold. Cast member Aimee Garcia, who plays the forensic whiz Ella, was forthcoming about the newest character on the canvas — God.

Well, His presence has been looming for five years,” Garcia noted. “I mean, He has been such an instrumental force of nature on our show. And fans every year ask, ‘Is God coming? Is God coming? Is God coming?’ Because Lucifer has all these daddy issues, so even though we’ve never met Him, you definitely feel like His presence is there.”

Garcia continued providing insight into the impact he will have on the show’s landscape. She remarked, “You finally meet the guy who is making the Devil insecure for the first time ever. So, what’s so beautiful about His intro is that it’s a very relatable one.”

Dennis Haysbert will join the cast

The Big Guy in the Sky makes a brief appearance in the final seconds of Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8, which is the last episode of 2020. As Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Michael brawl in the police precinct, The Creator appears, illuminated by a divine glow.

“Children, you know I hate it when you fight,” says the Almighty to His quarreling offspring. 

To the delight of fans, Dennis Haysbert brings the role of God to life on the small screen. The actor is known for his poise, swagger, and signature baritone voice. He slipped into the character perfectly, leaving fans giddy with excitement to see more of Haysbert as the Divine Dad.

And according to what Garcia told Entertainment Tonight, things could get pretty wacky. “What’s really fun about their first time is the episode where God for the first time becomes human,” Garcia explained. “So, it’s really fun because I’m in a scene where he experiences having to pee for the first time, having a brain freeze from a Slurpee for the first time.”

The ‘Lucifer’ musical will come to fruition

‘I Hope God Likes What I’ve Done,’ Said Dennis Haysbert About His Performance on ‘Lucifer’

Adding to the anticipation for season 5B, Lucifer’s title character, Tom Ellis, shared a sneak peek of the much-awaited musical episode. “Just a little taste of our musical episode,” tweeted Ellis. In the video, cast members sing the iconic Queen hit, “Another One Bites the Dust.”

In the scene, Lucifer, Chloe, Dan, and Ella investigate the murder of the week. The victim, a referee, lies lifeless on a football field as the investigators spontaneously burst into song and dance.

Providing backup in the elaborately choreographed sequence are cheerleaders, football players, and a marching band. In a twist, the corpse reanimates in a B-boy-inspired dance solo.

When Garcia spoke with Entertainment Tonight, she explained that there is a reasonable explanation for the musical plot. “It’s because God’s going a little schizo,” Garcia dished during her interview. “He’s playing puppet-master, and He’s getting old, so stuff’s getting a little janky.” 

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