‘Lucifer’ Fans Will ‘Go Nuts’ For This Deckerstar Moment, Says Cast Member Aimee Garcia

From behind the scenes of Lucifer’s highly anticipated musical episode, star Aimee Garcia teased what to expect during the song and dance-filled hour. And based on what the Ella portrayer told Entertainment Tonight, Deckerstar shippers will be stoked. [Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about Lucifer Seasons 4 and 5.]

Tom Ellis and Aimee Garcia in 'Lucifer' Season 5, Episode 6
Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez In Episode 506 of ‘Lucifer’ | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

The Detective and the Devil form the ultimate super-couple on ‘Lucifer’

“What is it you desire?” Lucifer compels unsuspecting humans to spill their true feelings about hopes, wishes, and cravings. But for viewers, the answer to that question is simple. Most fans want the Devil and the detective to make their relationship official.

From the very beginning, fans noticed remarkable chemistry between Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker and Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar. It wasn’t long before a camp of fans dubbed the destined couple, Deckerstar.

By the end of season 4, both Luci and the detective had fallen hard for each other. Alas, before the romance could really heat up, the Ruler of Hell had to hightail it back to the underworld to handle some demon business.

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Luckily, Lucifer made his way back to the City of Angels the following season. But the first half of season 5 was filled with plenty of drama from both supernatural forces and run-of-the-mill human criminals. So, the twosome had very little time to focus on each other.

But according to Garcia, fans can expect some pretty special moments surrounding the couple during the musical episode in Lucifer Season 5B, which is slated to launch on Netflix in 2021.

Aimee Garcia teased a Deckerstar moment that will drive fans ‘nuts’

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Garcia spoke with Entertainment Tonight about Lucifer’s tenth episode of season 5, titled “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam.” The actor revealed that the musical hour will deliver some scenes that Deckerstar shippers will relish.

Garcia told Entertainment Tonight, “There’s Deckerstar moments. There’re realization moments. It’s really good, you guys. It’s funny because you think musical episode, and you think light and playful. But at the table read, we’re in it. We’re behind the curtain. And at the table read, we stopped, and then it was silent when we ended. And it was really emotional.”

“So, what’s so great about this episode is that every musical number shows someone’s really vulnerable side, even Chloe and Lucifer. They haven’t danced together since the prom episode. Fans are gonna go nuts, like, for their Deckerstar moment.”

Lauren German hinted that there will be some funny Deckerstar bits

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While romance between Chloe and Lucifer may be in the cards, so is humor, according to German. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the star on the set of the musical episode, and she spilled a few details.

“We shot something today that ended up being very spontaneous but also very fun and ridiculous and silly,” said German. “But the thing I think people might like, they may hate it. But if they like it, I think it’s something that you never imagine Chloe doing. So, I think, you know, anyone who likes the Deckerstar situation are gonna have a laugh. Because you know Chloe just really needs to relax.”

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