‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: Lucifer and His Brother Face Off

After that ending in episode 2, we are all ready for the real Lucifer to come back to Earth. Michael’s intentions aren’t noble, and viewers may be wondering how much power he really has in the family.

It remains to be seen, but one thing clear: Lucifer is missed. Chloe, Maze, Ella, and Amenadiel all have their reasons for wanting to see him. In this episode, fans may see more than one version of the devil. Here’s a recap episode 3.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 5, Episode 3: ¡Diablo!]

Lucifer season 5, episode 3
Scene from ‘Lucifer’ Season 5, Episode 3 | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Michael makes the chips fall for Lucifer

Amenadiel and Lucifer converse about Michael’s scheming ways. Lucifer thinks Michael is a powerless coward, but Amenadiel says the evil twin is the only one talking to God back in the Silver City. Luci leaves Amenadiel temporarily in charge of Hell and heads to Earth — to the precinct.

Lucifer uses his “desire” power on one of the officers to convince Chloe it’s really him. She hugs him tightly and they have a private conversation in the conference room. He jokingly asks which lies Michael told her and she brings up one about her being a gift from God.

He admits that his mother thought it would keep them apart. He felt it was a manipulative ploy by his father, but Chloe is upset. Lucifer says that it doesn’t matter that God made her because his feelings are real. She’s angry at him and he’s angry at Michael. He leaves.

Chloe, Ella, and Lucifer are wrapped up in a meta case

Chloe has a murder case. She meets Ella at a studio lot and learns the victim, Matt Owens, is a writer/showrunner for a TV show. Sound familiar?

Lucifer shows up because wants to make sure Chloe is ok. He spots the dead man on the ground and recognizes him as someone he helped with his TV writing career. He tells Chloe they spent hours talking, and then she points out that the name of his show is Lieutenant Diablo. This episode is very meta.

Luci and Chloe watch a filming and he’s amused. There’s even a sexy “Detective Dancer” who’s an ex stripper. Afterward, they speak to the two lead actors, and the woman calls Owens a megalomaniac.

“Diablo” admired him. Neither she nor her co-star had a problem with their boss, but they point to his number two as a possible suspect.

Lucifer visits Linda in her office to catch up about the Michael drama. She lies about revealing her fears to the troublemaking twin, but lectures Lucifer about Chloe’s position and bringing back Amenadiel from Hell. He’s stuck on his father creating the mess with Chloe and Michael’s antics. He’s not listening.

Meanwhile, Chloe questions Owens’ number two, Carrie, and she tells her being a hit show carries a lot weight. Carrie also calls her boss lazy and controlling. Also, Owens had a drug habit.

Carrie adds she delivered a script to him one night because his email was down, and she met him at a rundown motel where drugs were everywhere.

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Maze and Lucifer have a reunion and Diablo meets his maker

Lucifer returns to his penthouse where Maze goes into full attack mode. She hasn’t mistaken him for Michael; she’s angry he left her. After they stop battling, she tells him off and leaves.

Decker and Lucifer head to Owens’ motel room and they run into their Lieutenant Diablo counterparts. Chloe kicks them out but not before learning Owens used to hole up in the motel to escape stress and people. Chloe also learns that Diablo is really the star of the show and they can’t risk losing him.

Later, Chloe finds a cinnamon vape cartridge in evidence and suspects Diablo is involved. She and Lucifer jet to the show’s set and find him dead in his trailer from a stabbing. The murder weapon is a prop knife. They find out a PA was supposed to be at Diablo’s trailer but that person received a message to do another task.

They trace the order back to Carrie and go to her office. She insists she didn’t kill Diablo but Lucifer finds a blood stain on her cabinet and then locates the murder weapon. Chloe arrests her.

Maze and Linda are watching the Diablo show and Maze reflects on “simpler times” with Lucifer. Linda talks to her about abandonment issues.

Lucifer and Michael have a tumultuous reunion, case is closed

Lucifer and Dan have an exchange and Dan talks about how losing Charlotte changed him. He’s on a new path to positivity and his amethyst bracelet helps. After listening, Lucifer agrees to accept the gift from Dan.

They bond while acting out scenes from the latest Diablo script. Ella comes in with a clue.

Back at the show’s set, Chloe tells “Detective Dancer” they arrested Carrie. She’s relieved they caught the killer and she and Chloe hang out on the fake club set and share a drink. Chloe asks how she can play a role that places her in a subservient position, and the woman says she’s glad it’s over.

During the chat, she imitates Carrie’s voice and rambles about finally going for new gigs, which is the opposite of what she said earlier about not wanting the show to end.

Chloe realizes that and calls her out. They get into a tussle and the woman admits she killed both of them. Chloe bests her and Lucifer and Dan come in. Chloe and Lucifer have another exchange about her struggle being God’s gift. She walks off upset.

At the penthouse, Lucifer and Michael link up and have a sibling showdown. Michael says he’s the one who planted the idea about the rebellion against Dad, the romp in the “garden,” and Luci’s sabbatical to Earth. Lucifer is shaken and asks why. “Because you always thought you were better than me.”

They end up in an angelic fist fight and try to kill each other. Lucifer puts Michael in a headlock and slashes his face with a demon blade.

Lucifer visits Chloe at home and updates her about Michael. She goes on about not being able to choose her fate and how being in love with the devil was all a plot.

She scolds him for being a celestial who’s used to this while she’s just a human. Lucifer is sad and tells her he dreamt of their reunion for thousands of years and envisioned it going differently. She leaves.

Maze walks into Chloe’s place and finds “Lucifer” sitting in the dark. It’s Michael and Maze is ready to cut out his light but he bargains with her. He tells her Lucifer is withholding information from her and offers to share where to find it.