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Lucifer and his brother met up in episode 3. Though things are progressing in Lucifer Season 5, there is so much Chloe, Maze, Ella, Dan, and the fans still don’t know about the devil and his past.

But that changes a bit in episode 4, and here we’re given an interesting and amusing peek into several characters’ backstories. There are plenty of swaps and twists in this next episode where Trixie gets to play a major role. Here’s a recap of episode 4.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 5, Episode 4: It Never Ends Well for the Chicken]

Lucifer season 5
Scene from ‘Lucifer’ season 5 with Tom Ellis, Lesley-Ann Brandt | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Lucifer tells a story about the past and Lilith is the star

Lucifer lays out a spread of snacks and wine, expecting Chloe and some of the girls for game night. Instead, Trixie shows up alone.

She wants to hang out and innocently rummages through his things, asking for stories about them. Since the dagger and fuzzy handcuffs are off limits, she asks about his ring. Down for story time, Lucifer takes her back to 1946 when the devil visited New York.

This is the noir episode fans were promised, and the scene flips to black and white. Lucifer walks into a Manhattan cabaret club to meet an old friend: Lilith. It’s Maze’s mother, and she’s a lounge singer. She winks at Lucifer and after her number, they chat in her dressing room.

Lilith and Lucifer haven’t seen each other in a long time, and she shares that someone stole her ring. It’s important, and she demands he helps her find it. He owes her. He makes a joke about the devil solving crime, and then goes to visit a P.I. named Jack.

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Lucifer hires a detective to find Lilith’s piece

In Lucifer’s story, Jack resembles Chloe (at Trixie’s behest) and he hires Jack to help find the ring. They canvass the club together and question a few people. A Linda lookalike is the bartender and names Lucky Larry as a potential suspect. Jack is directed to another customer for the skinny on Larry.

They meet him in an alley and it’s a trick. Jack and Lucifer get into a scrap with some bodyguards from the club. They work for a gangster named Tommy Stompanado that looks like Ella. Stompanado threatens them, tells them to mind their business, and also warns Lucifer not to get too friendly with Lily (aka Lilith).

Jack goes home to his wife (who looks like Charlotte) and dinner is interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Lucky Larry, and he falls forward with a knife in his back. Lucifer shows up to Jack’s house with the police. Jack receives a tip about Lucky Larry and some bad debt.

Lucifer and Jack ride out to follow a lead and on the way, Jack opens up about his wife. She’s a former call girl. Their relationship is on the rocks because it was “built on a lie.”

They arrive at the rich guy Willie’s house (played by Dan) who has a thing for sausage and wieners. Jack accuses him of killing Lucky Larry while Lucifer clumsily searches for Lilith’s ring.

Willie denies killing Larry but explains that he’s a fence. He offers Larry’s address. On the way out, Lucifer cracks a shady joke and tells Willie he reminds him of a shower, but French. Ha!

Back at the Garden Club, Lilith and the bartender chat about her past. Lilith says she used to be married to a guy named Adam long ago and things were bad. They were worse between her and Adam’s father. Wink. She said she took one thing, and it was the stone from her ring. The ring is valuable because it’s a reminder of her independence.

Lucifer and Jack made headway, Amenadiel is a high priest

Elsewhere, Jack and Lucifer check out Lucky Larry’s abode. They don’t find the ring, but Jack reenacts what he believes to be a struggle. Those details lead them to Mr. Stompanado, who they believe killed Larry for stealing Lily’s ring. They go to his mansion.

Upon entry, they notice blood on the floor. They head upstairs and find a body in the hall. Lucifer and Jack then walk into Stompanado’s bedroom and find him dead under the covers.

One of his eyes bears the mark of Horus and his heart’s been cut out. They find an empty ring box, but the eye symbol leads to them to a new destination.

Luci and Jack visit a curio shop that also holds conducts magical ceremonies. Amenadiel plays the role of the high priest/magician and tells them about an Anubis ceremony for the heart.

He explains to the ancients, death meant power. They accuse him of killing Tommy but learn he’s innocent. His greatest desire is to own a Pontiac. However, he says many of his parishioners would love to buy the sacred “ring of Lilith.”

Lilith tells the truth about her demon children and the ring

Lucifer informs Lilith they’ve hit a dead end. During their chat, we learn that Lilith left her children in Hell but in her mind, she gave Lucifer an army. He said he never asked for one, but he’s grateful.

He asks how the rumor got started about her ring granting immortality. She tells him a tale about hooking up with Montezuma and surviving a toss into a volcano. The story was preserved on a tablet by humans.

They decide to lure the thief out with a lie about how to activate the ring’s powers. They plant a story that a bracelet is required. Jack’s wife is looped in to play a cigarette girl for the ruse. Lilith gets on stage and asks her to stow it in the safe. That’s the trick.

Lilith performs, and one of Tommy’s henchman follows the Jack’s wife to the back. Jack walks into the dressing room (followed by Lucifer and Lily) with a gun but Willie is the thief and he has help. The bartender is holding a Tommy gun and confesses she hired Lucky Larry to steal the ring.

She did it to save her injured husband who came back from the war and believed the immortality myth because she saw Lilith survive a shootout between two gangs.

They find out the truth about the ring and Lilith lectures her about death. In the end, she decides not to press charges against Gertie the bartender. Lucifer and Jack part ways and the ring is returned.

Lilith becomes a mortal

Lilith enchants the ring with her own immortality and gives it to Lucifer. She asks that he never tells her children about what she’s done. Lilith walks off as a human.

Trixie leaves Lucifer’s penthouse and Maze is in the elevator. “You get the story?” she asks. Trixie nods and Maze hands her some cash. She recounts the tale.

The episode ends with Maze knocking on a mysterious apartment door. An old woman answers, and Maze confirms it’s her mother.

She introduces herself as Mazikeen and is shocked to find Lily Rose is cold. She tells her she wanted to know why she abandoned her children, and Lilith says she did it to make them strong. “I can see you don’t need anyone.” Hurt, Maze walks away.