‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: Can Lucifer Be Manipulated?

It may have been fun to see Detective Amenadiel in action in episode 5 of Lucifer as a crime solver, but he also helped Chloe realize something about her relationship with Lucifer. That carried over into episode 6.

She still has some doubts. Up to this point in season 5, Ella, Maze, and Linda are also questioning what’s going on their lives, but that’s not the overarching theme of this episode. Love, Lucifer, and crime are at the center, but the title says it all. Here’s a recap.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 5, Episode 6: BlueBallz]

Lucifer season 5
Tom Ellis and Lauren German in ‘Lucifer’ Season 5, episode 6 | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

A new case opens and Lucifer gets jealous

A DJ is electrocuted on stage during a large outdoor gathering. Lucifer and Chloe show up to the crime scene and Ella teases them about arriving together.

Lucifer wants to hurry and wrap up the case but Chloe wants to take her time and question hundreds of witnesses. He’d rather get back to their make-out session and is very disappointed she wants to keep working through the night.

The next day, Ella meets an amateur reporter while working at the park scene and he asks her out on a date. He seems shy and Lucifer teases her about the guy crushing on her. They then spot a famous DJ walking around the crime scene.

Ella is excited to see him, but he quickly approaches Detective Decker, “Chloe!” with a squeal and a hug. Lucifer scrambles over to them and it’s obvious he’s jealous. It turns out Chloe used to date Jed the DJ back in the day.

Still at the crime scene, Chloe and Lucifer have a short-lived but sweet chat about their relationship before Jed rushes over to interrupt. He’s clearly reminiscing about old times, but Chloe keeps it all business about the DJ who died.

He was Jed’s friend, and he borrowed Jed’s headphones the morning of the party. Now he’s worried that he’s the killer’s real target.

Chloe and Lucifer get overprotective

Chloe makes Jed come to the precinct with her and Luci. Lucifer and Dan look on and commiserate about Jed as Chloe interviews him in one of the conference rooms. Dan tells Lucifer Jed tried to get back with Chloe after they first split and warns him to keep an eye on “that guy.”

Chloe tells Lucifer about a possible lead. Lucifer is suspicious but Chloe reassures him that she knows Jed and he could be in danger. She tells her ex to stay behind at the precinct and he calls her an old nickname, “Cherry Jane.” Lucifer cuts him a look.

Off in the corner, Maze is watching Ella from the office sidelines, trying to figure out why she’s so friendly. She wants to emulate her.

Lucifer and Chloe track down their lead at a protest at Jed’s affordable housing construction site. Upon arrival, Lucifer notices the name of the project is the Cherry Jane Foundation. Jed may not be over Chloe after all.

They talk to Raul who says he only wants Jed to relocate the shelter. He also mentions that a homeless woman tried to break into Jed’s place the week before. Lucifer and Chloe wonder if the woman wanted to kill Jed. Suddenly, the building explodes behind them.

Dan and Amenadiel have a heart-to-heart about kids and Dan confesses he’s glad he left the office. Chloe’s ex Jed “is so perfect” and makes him feel bad about himself. Amenadiel gives him some words of wisdom.

Lucifer wants to be more mysterious

Lucifer still thinks Jed is behind his own crimes, and tells Chloe that as they trek through some woods to find the “homeless woman.” She’s actually an animal researcher who records their sounds and Jed owes her money for some recordings. She denies trying to kill him.

Chloe and Luci head back to the precinct and find Jed surrounded by gift baskets. Fans sent them, and now Chloe wonders if a fan is behind the attacks. He needs a place to stay and right before she offers up her place, Lucifer volunteers his pad.

He and Jed arrive at his penthouse and Lucifer accuses him of trying to make a move on Chloe. He tells him she’s taken. Jed admits old feelings resurfaced once he saw her but denies concocting a death plot to get her attention. Lucifer presses him for more info on why they broke up.

Jed believes that Chloe lost interest after she uncovered all the mystery attached to Jed. He compares it to her need to solve puzzles. That has Lucifer concerned. While they’re talking, Chloe calls, but Lucifer purposely declines the call.

Chloe makes headway

Chloe follows a lead about the case from Ella, and they believe the suspect wears a hearing aid. She, Ella, Maze, and an overwhelmed Linda go on an undercover sting at a rave. Maze turned it into a girl’s night.

Back at Linda’s house, Dan and Amenadiel are joined by Lucifer and Jed and make quips about taking care of the baby and Chloe. Dan tells Jed about Chloe’s sting operation and he feels he should be there as the headliner bait.

At the club, Maze grows tired of behaving like Ella. Ella rethinks her life, and Chloe and Linda are on the opposite side of Lux discussing Lucifer’s sexual history and narcissism.

Chloe attempts to call Lucifer again but he throws his phone out the window in an effort to stay “mysterious.” She calls Dan to check in on Jed, and they figure out he left Linda’s house without telling anyone.

Dan is sucked into a plot

Lucifer believes Jed manipulated him to get to Chloe and goes into full devil face. That quiets baby Charlie but doesn’t stop his rage.

The killer shows up at the club and points a gun at Jed. He’s hurt that his wife had a one night stand with the deejay. Chloe lectures him about telling his wife how he feels, but she’s really talking about herself. Case closed.

Dan updates Amenadiel and Lucifer on the case and they tell him he can go home since the baby’s crying. Lucifer and Amenadiel plan to soothe Charlie with the devil face. As Dan walks to his car, he receives a call from Luci asking him to return to the house for a moment.


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He walks up, sees Lucifer’s other form and is spooked beyond words. He drives off in a hurry. Michael is revealed as the caller from behind a tree. Uh-oh.

At the end, Chloe visits Lucifer at the penthouse and after some small talk, they apologize to each other for their behavior. They finally give in to the sexual tension.