‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Lucifer Loses It and So Does Dan

After the steamy end to episode 6 of Lucifer, some of you are probably rejoicing about Deckerstar. You never loved the devil so much, have you? We’re not even halfway through the season and for some reason, it feels too good to be true with Michael lurking around Los Angeles.

Heading into episode 7, there’s something different going on but no one is sure exactly what that is yet. Here’s a recap of what went down, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 5, Episode 7: Our Mojo]

Lucifer Season 5 episode 7
‘Lucifer’ Season 5, episode 7 | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Lucifer and Chloe are good until he loses his touch

Chloe and Lucifer wake up, blissfully in love. After some pillow talk, Chloe jokingly asks what Lucifer desires for breakfast. He blurts out the honest truth (which has nothing to do with pancakes) and for a moment, they both think she has his mojo. She dismisses it but Lucifer looks worried because it really worked on him.

He rushes over to Linda’s about it and she’s only excited they finally had sex. Then Lucifer worries he’s given his mojo to every person he’s slept with. They test the theory and he’s relieved it doesn’t work with Linda but thinks Chloe won’t need him anymore. Linda explains that just because Chloe has the power now doesn’t mean he has to quit.

Chloe and Ella are at a crime scene and Ella learns Deckerstar did the do. She called them Deckerstar, just like the fans! Ella shares her own romp story about the nice guy reporter from episode 6. Lucifer shows up and they get to work.

The latest homicide victim is an opera singer whose vocal cords were severed. They question the neighbor who found the body, and Lucifer attempts to use his power. It doesn’t work, and now he thinks Chloe stole his mojo. Lucifer and Chloe test the theory and he freaks out once they learn she has it.

Dan receives a sign

At the office, Ella, Chloe, and Luci go over the victim Diane’s case. They find out she and her vocal coach were fooling around. Before Lucifer and Chloe roll out, Ella’s boyfriend comes in to invite her to a Star Trek event. He’s the perfect geeky match for her.

Lucifer and Chloe question the vocal coach and Chloe’s new trick works. Their new suspect is a different famous opera singer.

Elsewhere, Dan visits Charlotte’s grave site. He’s in tears and is afraid of what he saw at Lucifer’s house. While he’s speaking to her tombstone and asks for a sign, Michael descends from the sky in a white robe with his wings outstretched. Michael tells Dan he’s the good twin and introduces himself as Archangel Michael.

Lucifer wants Chloe to transfer his power back via sex, but Chloe doesn’t like that there’s an agenda attached to the act. They go see Linda for couple’s therapy and she teaches them about maturity and yielding control.

Maze and Amenadiel share a moment when she tries to break him out of his funk. They spar at Lux and kiss before Maze stops. Amenadiel isn’t feeling it either, but Maze is going through something.

Lucifer and Chloe make progress

Lucifer and Chloe are at the opera house to meet the new suspect, Neils, and find him throwing objects at a worker. They question him and learn neither of them have Lucifer’s mojo anymore.

In another part of town, a woman is restrained in a chair and murdered in the same fashion as the first victim. The team shows up at the crime scene and deduce there’s a serial killer. With Ella’s help, they set out to trace the flowers left on the victims.

Lucifer uses his impressive foreign language skills to coax one shop owner into spilling details about a customer. Did you know he speaks Tagalog?


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He and Chloe are able to track down a potential suspect’s Uber information for an address. They arrive at an old building reminiscent of The Shining, complete with a little boy riding a bike down the hallway.

Chloe and Lucifer bust through the suspect’s door and find evidence he’s chosen his next victim. Ella and her boyfriend come from the convention to help search the place and they scour a darkroom. There’s a clue in some film which leads Lucifer and Chloe to search the building’s ninth floor.

Lucifer discovers an open door and creeps inside. He’s injected in the neck by the suspected killer and after grabbing him by the throat, slowly loses his ability to move or talk. Lucifer is dragged into the kitchen and propped up near a woman who’s also in restraints.

The man grabs a knife and hides as Chloe walks into the apartment. She finds Lucifer paralyzed on the floor, powerless. He tries to warn her with his eyes that the killer’s behind her. Chloe bests the guy and he’s arrested.

Dan confronts Lucifer in the worst way

Afterward, Ella’s boyfriend shares that he has to write an article about the killer but he’s squeamish about sensationalizing the headline. He and Lucifer have a side chat and the young man nervously admits he’d like for Lucifer and him to get along because he really likes Ella. Lucifer approves.

Amenadiel comes to the realization that he’s ok with just being a dad for now, and Linda praises his fatherly skills before heading out for cocktails.

Chloe is waiting for Lucifer at the penthouse and is looking over crime photos when he arrives. Something is bothering her about the serial killer cases, but they decide to chat about his mojo and their relationship. Chloe leaves to freshen up and someone else walks into the penthouse.

It’s Dan, he’s ready to shoot Lucifer. Chloe walks out just in time and Dan hesitates for a moment but changes his mind. He shoots Lucifer!