‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Release Date Finally Announced

Alright, Lucifans! After Lucifer used his influence to take over 2019 as the most-streamed show of the year on all platforms, he left viewers ready for season 5.

After teasing a solid romance between him and De-tec-tive Decker, Lucifer darted off to Hell with the intent to save the world. Like Chloe, we the viewers have been hanging on and waiting for news about Lucifer’s return. When will he be back?

Tom Ellis as 'Lucifer'
Tom Ellis as ‘Lucifer’ | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

A reminder of where season 5 stands

When Lucifer was renewed on Netflix for season 5, it was a bittersweet celebration because fans were told it’d be the final season. What made things a little sweeter was the fact that the series would receive 16 episodes instead of 10 as part of its curtain call. Yes, more Luci! This fandom is a powerful one.

With more bandwidth for Lucifer, Maze, Chloe, Trixie, Amenadiel, and everybody else, it is a Satanic dream come true.

This extended season will also see the return of Eve, the introduction of G-O-D (played by Dennis Haysbert), and a special noir-themed musical episode. We keep saying it, but there are 16 hours of TV to look forward to with Hell’s top angel.

With Hollywood resuming production for many of its shows and films, there is word on the status of Lucifer.

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‘Lucifer’ returns this summer

Hell’s bells have finally aligned and a release date is confirmed for Lucifer. Showrunner Ildy Modrovich shared the news on Instagram that Mr. Morningstar will hit Netflix on August 21.

Confirming a rumor, she dropped her post along with a trailer that contains snippets of seasons 1-4 and a little something extra. Pay attention, fellow fans.

Two months, everyone! Did you notice that little scene with Chloe and Lucifer’s “love handles?” Of course, that means there will be some Deckerstar action happening in season 5, but not before Chloe tries to cure her heartbreak with her besties.  

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Season 6 is highly likely possibility

If you’ve been following the series, then may have heard rumors that it won’t end with season 5. TV Line was among the first to report that Netflix and Warner Bros. were in discussions about a possible season 6.

It was then confirmed by Deadline that showrunners Joe Henderson and Modrovich signed on for a new installment, and contract negotiations for the cast were underway

In May, Deadline announced that Tom Ellis—who plays the titular character—sealed up the terms of a contract for season 6. Netflix has yet to make an official announcement, but it is likely the new season will begin filming sometime in September. At this time, it is unclear whether there will be more than 10 episodes.

For season 5, Netflix planned to split Lucifer’s 16 episodes into two parts, airing eight at a time with a break in between.

Prior to COVID-19 lockdowns, the show was poised to come back in summer 2020 anyway. It’s assumed Netflix will follow the same schedule and air the second part of season 5 later this year.

In addition to God and Eve, expect to see new detectives, more Trixie, more demons, and more of Lucifer’s siblings. See you in August.

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