‘Lucifer’ Season 5: Why Some Fans Are Conflicted About Maze

There’s no shame in admitting you already finished binge-watching part 1 of Lucifer Season 5. We’re with you. While Michael the scheming twin had everyone worried after seeing him in the trailer, there were a few other characters that caused some concern. Maze is one of them.

Lucifer’s longtime friend and protector had her heart broken several times this season and viewers saw her signature combative nature along with a vulnerable side. Though fans love Maze in the series, some are divided about her behavior and want things to change. Here’s why.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 5, part 1]

Lucifer season 5 Maze
Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze in ‘Lucifer’ | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

On one hand, Maze deserves love

Mazikeen the demon is tough, loyal, and sometimes sweet. She likes to be in fight mode, but she’s learned to soften up a bit thanks to Trixie, Eve, Linda, Chloe, and even Lucifer. Like other characters in the show, Maze wants to be loved and accepted without conditions.

Lucifer sometimes dismisses her as “just a demon,” but she’s experienced anger, sadness, and love in the same way a human would. She also has severe abandonment issues thanks to her mom Lilith which were explored in season 5.

Fans recognize all these factors and want her to find love and for Lucifer to start showing her more respect and compassion.

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Some fans are tired of Maze’s betrayals

Dedicated Lucifer lovers who are also Redditors have strong feelings about Maze’s temper and her flaky loyalty. Season 5 pitted her against Lucifer for two reasons.

He went to Hell without telling her and kept the secret about her mother. She kept her angry burning and in the mid-season finale, she sided with Michael and fought Amenadiel and Lucifer.

Some fans are over her pattern of duplicities. On Reddit, one user wrote, “Maze is betraying Lucifer and her friends again… must be Tuesday. Her constant betrayals isn’t surprising anymore, they need to evolve her character.”

Another added “I get she’s a demon and it’s expected but this is beyond the joke now. She has shown she loves chloe, Trixie and Linda but the second she’s slighted she betrays everyone. After the whole cain thing I’m surprised chloe is talking to maze the Michael thing should be the last straw. It’s so expected from maze i haven’t found one fic where she’s called out 😂.”

Others pointed out how Maze used Trixie to trick Lucifer this season and if Chloe ever finds out, there should be consequences. Some were alarmed that Maze almost went along with Michael’s plot to deceive Chloe in the bedroom.

Many agree that she has a right to feel angry, but they want Maze to grow up and do better. Fans would love for her character to transform.

Could we see a different arc for Maze in ‘Lucifer’ Season 6?

Viewers empathized with Maze after learning about Lilith and witnessing the pair’s first meeting. Though she hasn’t talked to Lucifer about it yet, there’s a chance for Maze to hear more about her mom and to be granted her greatest desire: a soul.

Part 2 of season 5 will undoubtedly dive into God’s relationship with his children, but maybe season 6 will delve into Maze’s story.

Lucifer showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich said that with the extra season, they’ll have the opportunity to explore and build on the core characters even further. After that it will be a wrap for Lucifer and Mazikeen.