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After three years on the Fox network, it looked like the supernatural drama Lucifer was headed for the cutting board. So when Netflix stepped in to take on the unusual series, fans were thrilled.

Now it’s even been announced that the popular show will be back for a sixth (and final) season. One of the things viewers love about Lucifer is the sleek style of the title character.

The charming Lord of Hell has great taste, and one of the ways he shows that is with the classic car he drives. So what is Lucifer’s ride of choice? 

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar.
Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar. | JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX © 2020

An unusual premise and a surprising star

Lucifer debuted on Fox in 2016, and its unexpected main character made a splash from the beginning. As Deadline explains, the series follows the story of Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis), who is bored and restless as the Prince of Darkness. He decides to leave his throne in Hell behind and see what life is like in Los Angeles instead. 

As he’s enjoying life outside the underworld, his playtime is interrupted when someone is murdered outside his nightclub. The crime is investigated by Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German), a detective with the LAPD.

They grow closer and the two struggle with their complex feelings toward each other. Chloe works to come to terms with the fact that he is, in fact, the devil, and Lucifer grapples with her goodness, a trait he hasn’t seen much of in his line of work. 

In the show, Lucifer is not only devilishly handsome, but he’s also a successful nightclub owner, overseeing his hot spot, Lux. He exudes charm and cool, and naturally, his car must fit that image. 

And Lucifer’s car is very, very cool.

A car fit for a prince

If his good looks and sharp style weren’t enough to make Lucifer stand out from the crowd, the show also incorporates details to amp up his suave presence.

According to Mental Floss, he never smokes, although he’s often seen with a cigarette, perhaps to emphasize his smoldering nature. He speaks in a polished English accent, dresses like he could have just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine, plays the piano and sings, and of course, he drives a stunning classic car. 

Lucifer’s ride of choice is a 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1, a sleek car that gives him the aura of the famous movie stars of the ’60s. The look certainly works with his effortlessly cool style, but what else does the ’62 C1 Corvette offer?

Classic style with extra power

According to Corvsport, the ’62 version of the C1 Corvette was generally considered to be a transitional model, as Chevrolet moved from a more traditional style to the edgier look of the next generation. This model boasted a larger, 327 cubic inch V-8 engine, giving it more horsepower than the 283 cubic inch engine that had come before. 

1962 was the last year that Chevrolet used the C1 chassis on the Corvette, making that year one of the most highly sought-after versions of all the C1 models. 

Of course, it’s no accident that Lucifer’s car meets such exacting standards of style and design. Why could the Lord of Hell settle for anything less than the best that the material world has to offer? After all, Lucifer may not lean on classic horror very much, but the show’s lead character certainly doesn’t scrimp on style.