Yes, ‘The Luck of the Irish’ Is Available for Streaming on Disney+ This Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is March 17 and for some people, that means potatoes, beer, and this Disney Channel original movie. Over 15 years ago, The Luck of the Irish premiered on Disney’s television network. Now, it’s making the switch to the company’s streaming platform. Here are some films to watch on Disney+ this Saint Patrick’s Day.

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Disney Channel premiered their original movie ‘Luck of the Irish’ in 2001

There are evil leprechauns, basketball moments — what more could you want? This Disney Channel original film follows one teenager, Kyle Johnson, and the strange events that occur after he travels to a carnival. 

Kyle starts shrinking and growing pointed ears, and he learns pretty quickly that his heritage has something to do with that. He has to eventually get a gold charm in order to save the people he loves, getting transported to Ireland along the way. (Don’t worry, Disney fans, this movie has a happy ending.)

This Disney Channel original movies starred actors like Ryan Merriman, Alexis Lopez, and Marita Geraghty. While it still plays on Disney’s television network for time to time, it has a permanent home on the company’s streaming platform, Disney+.

‘The Luck of the Irish’ is now available on Disney’s streaming platform

Launched during November 2019, Disney+ holds plenty of content owned, produced, and created by Disney. There are Marvel movies like Avengers: Endgame, Pixar favorites like The Incredibles, and award-winning documentaries by National Geographic.

Disney+ also houses multiple television shows and movies released by Disney Channel and Disney XD, two television network operated by the Walt Disney Company. That includes a Saint Patrick’s Day favorite, The Luck of the Irish. Of course, some fans on social media shared their excitement. 

“Besides the entire High School Musical series, The Thirteenth Year and The Luck of the Irish are arguably two of the best Disney Channel original movies of all time,” one Twitter user said.

“[Yo,] these Disney+ movies are giving me nostalgia [right now]! Brink, Going to the Matt, Eddies Million Dollar Cook-Off, Johnny Tsunami, Brave Little Toaster, The Luck of the Irish. ‘Bout to order some pizza and make it a… throwback,” another Twitter user wrote.

Disney Channel Original Movie, 'Descendants 3,' featuring Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, and Sofia Carson
Disney Channel Original Movie, ‘Descendants 3,’ featuring Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, and Sofia Carson | David Bukach/Disney Channel via Getty Images

There are other Disney Channel original movies available on Disney+, including the 2019 release, ‘Descendants 3’

If you’re spending a night in on Saint Patrick’s Day, Disney+ has got you covered. There’s plenty of Disney Channel movies available for binge-watching.

That includes throwbacks like The Cheetah Girls, Princess Protection Program, and The Luck of the Irish, in addition to newer original movies, like Zombies. There are also complete seasons of televisions shows, some from Disney Junior Disney Channel, and Disney XD, others created exclusively for this platform. 

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series became one of Disney+’s first original shows, featuring some songs from Disney Channel’s well-known trilogy. Most recently, Disney added their 2019 release, Descendants 3, to their streaming platform’s library. 

The Luck of the Irish is available on Disney’s streaming platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website