Luke Bryan Jokes About What He Misses Most About Touring – ‘The Amount of Calories I Burn When I’m on Stage for Two Hours’ (Exclusive)

Country music star Luke Bryan recently mused about returning to the road but joked about what he missed most about being on stage.

“I think what I’ve missed the most is the amount of calories I burn when I’m on stage for two hours,” he joked. Adding, “You know I’m cutting up” citing the seriousness of the year and that “Covid-19 is a real thing.” Bryan had Covid-19 in April and discussed the challenges he faced from the illness.

“I had two or three days. … It was really, really tough and the boys were, I went to a whole different section of the house. I didn’t see the boys for 10 days. … That was tough,” he told Extra. “I got just a little fatigue — everybody says expect that. I’m just really, really happy to be back doing Idol. I was heartbroke to miss last week.”

But during a press conference for his new hard seltzer and beer Two Lane, he shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet that he truly missed the fans he meets and sees on the road.

Luke Bryan performs on American Idol
Luke Bryan performs on American Idol |Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Luke Bryan misses interacting with fans on the road

Bryan misses the road and how each show is unique from city to city. “But, you know, the main thing is the interaction with the fans,” he explained. “And what I miss the most is how each night on tour has its signature stamp. No two shows are the same. No two cities at the same. Each of them has their special fingerprint.”

“When I lay my head down at night, I remember the look on this child’s face when I sang their favorite song and how they were singing back to me,” he said. “I remember the sign they were holding up. And I remember the crowd singing certain songs back to me. That’s what you miss. And, you know, you don’t realize how lucky you have it until you can’t go do that on a regular basis.”

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“I mean, to sit there and say that the crowd singing along and roaring is not the most natural high and the most exhilarating thing on the planet. I mean, it truly is. Once you get used to that and it goes away, you certainly can miss it a lot.”

When does Luke Bryan’s 2021 tour begin?

Bryan announced his 2021 Proud to Be Right Here Tour will kick off in July, Rolling Stone reports. He plans to pack in 36 dates over the span of four months, playing mainly outdoor venues, with multiple shows scheduled in certain cities.

“I can’t believe this moment is nearly here when we get to hop on the tour bus and roll into towns across America and get back to doing what we do best. What we live to do!” he said in a release.

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The first show is in Syracuse, NY on July 8 and then Bryan plans to zigzag across the United States, with his last show in San Bernardino, CA on Oct. 16.